Zoological Wildlife Foundation – Cute Monkey

Cute Monkey Video
Cute Monkey Video

Super video of a cute monkey who meets another haplorhine primate who until the unexpected meet, is to say the least not a happy monkey…

But view this great video and see how one cute monkey consoles one very unhappy fellow haplorhine primate…

Check out this fascinating video – Right Here! – Right Now!

Zoological Wildlife Foundation Cute Monkey

Zoological Wildlife Foundation – Cute Monkey…


Zoological Wildlife Foundation – meaning – ‘Zookeepers at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami recently caught a monkey lending a comforting hand to his monkey friend who was feeling down and out.’ – Attribution to Fox8.com/2015/01/21/adorable-video-monkey-consoles-sad-monkey-friend-in-time-out/

Cute Monkey – meaning – ‘Adorable video! Monkey consoles sad monkey friend in time-out’ – Attribution to Fox8.com/2015/01/21/adorable-video-monkey-consoles-sad-monkey-friend-in-time-out/

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