Zhuhai – Exciting City to Live in South China

Zhuhai Exciting City to Live in South China

Zhuhai - Image Copyright Hok.Com

Zhuhai - Image Copyright Hok.Com

Zhuhai – Image Copyright Hok.Com

Nestled in Guandong Province in southern China is the exciting new place to live for all nationalities who are looking for quality of life and affordable housing and accommodation.

Why the attraction? Quite easy it is now recognized as a feeder town serving the hectic bustling 24 hour a day gambling enclave of Macau aka Macao.

What has Zhuhai to offer? Well the city is clean modern and well run by the authorities, housing is of good quality and the prices both to rent and/or buy are very affordable as in much cheaper than similar standard accommodation in Macau aka Macao.

What is the new way to live like? To start it is well away from all day madness and pressure of the world’s biggest and most profitable gambling enclave.

Here is the way live in Zhuhai and work in Macau aka Macao. Makes both lifestyle sense and good financial management,plus of course it is so easy to pass through the border passport control separating Zhuhai and Macau aka Macao.

The passport control is speedy – friendly and trouble free as thousands pass through the immigration control twice a day – in the morning to go to work in the gambling industry or associated services then at the end of the working day. Simply pass through the immigration control which can be as quick as 5 minutes but usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to pass through.

Does this sound practical and worth consideration? Then check out this multi language website CityOfZhuhai.Com aka City of Zhuhai well worth checking out…

CNN Zhuhai Exciting City to Live in South China

CityOfZhuhai.Com has options to view in many languages.

Zhuhai Exciting City to Live in South China…


Zhuhai – meaning – Southern China city in Guandong Province, China PRC. Zhuhai is one of several special economic and commercial zones with a limited degree of autonomy where in the Zhuhai defacto leader has to report to the Beijing Central Government control. The official name for the Zhuhai system is Special Economic Zone (SEZ) – Content research NewsPressed.Com.

CityOfZhuhai.Com – meaning – “As one of China’s first special economic zones, the city has always prioritized ecological development, boasting one of the best environments in China.Zhuhai has scenery, sunshine, beaches, hot springs, mountains, parks, offshore islands, and a relaxed, romantic atmosphere”. – Attribution to CityOfZhuhai.Com

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