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Guangdong Province



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province has for decades been a respected leading edge center for commerce and business. So the latest news that the proactive citizens have created a Wine Center serving the south of China, comes as no surprise.

Zhongshan often seems to be one step ahead of many of the other cities in Guangdong and Guangzhou provinces when it comes down to commercial creativity combined with the infrastructure and the resources to turn schemes and ideas into practical realities.

Here is the official line on – Zhangjiagang Imported Wine Trade Market – quote – The data released from Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhangjiagang lately shows that, for Jan 2012 Zhangjiagang has imported wine from France, Australia, German, Chile,etc, counting as 230,000 litre, 3.6 fold increased to the same period last year. It is expected in 2012 the total wine import volume will be surpassing 2 million litre. For the reason of such growth, the management team of Zhangjiagang port says that it is because of the spring festival, and it also because many foreign vinters gain confidence of investing in the Chinese market. However, the main reason is the completion of Zhangjiagang Imported Wine Trade Market, which provide a convenient platform for wine importers, exporters, distributors and dealers. – Attribution to Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhangjiagang.

Zhangjiagang Imported Wine Trade Market…

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