Xmas Eve 2017 Man Utd Fans Turn Against Players and Mourinho After 2-2 Draw At Leicester

Xmas Eve 2017 Man Utd Fans Turn Against Players and Mourinho After 2-2 Draw At Leicester…

Starting XI Manchester United Away To Leicester City 2017 - Image Copyright TwImg.Com

Starting XI Manchester United Away To Leicester City 2017 – Image Copyright TwImg.Com

The loyal Manchester United fan base have seen enough after the Reds let Leicester City score an injury time goal to snatch a draw in the EPL – English Premier League…

Online at the Reds fans forum – Republik Of Mancunia – the fans erupted against the players and Mourinho After 2-2 Draw At Leicester.

Here are just some of the comments


#1 – Martial skies the ball from about 10 yards out – Jose needs to go.

#2 – Lingard hits the post when goal was gaping – Jose needs to go.

#3 – Lukaku fails to control a simple pass when he’s through on goal – Jose needs to go.

#4 – Rashford fucks up a 2 on 1 situation by acting a complete fool – Jose needs to go.

#5 – And no. No amount of Jose inspired defensive mentality entails that he takes blame for the above sh!tshow. If the above 4 chances fall to Sterling , Aguero , Sane , De Bruyne or Silva they’re all goals. The f**king manager’s got to go there and show these w*nkers how to score a goal now is it ?

#6 – The criticisms of Mourinho’s mentality are not about those chances. Twice in a few days we have lost games late on because the team have been too deep and too cautious going forward. We have failed to win games this season by refusing to get on the front foot.

At 2-1, against 10 men who need to push for an equaliser, we missed, what, maybe three chances? Yes the players are to blame for that but he is the manager. He sets the tone. Mourinho’s over-riding approach is pragmatism.

#7 – I will blame Jose for not taking a call on Smalling. He should have either removed him or asked someone else to play his position . He should not be there at back post. If it was me , he would not be playing at all once he is injured. It’s 10 on 10.


#1 – We have had 18 month of performances like this with a couple of realy good games, jose isnt going to change anytime soon, so aslong as he is in charge this will be the football plain and simple no amount of transfers will change the way he approaches games


#1 – Well I am absolutely fuming after that latest debacle- a consumate example of failed in game management. In the last few games we have made Leicester, WBA and Bristol City look like Barcelona, mesmerising us with their pretty passing patterns whilst we stood as nonplussed as statues in a bowl of pragmatic cement. The final straw for me was the tragic realisation that even after Leicester were reduced to 10 men, our players would still contrive to hand them possession, so that they played with all the aplomb of Brazil circa 1970, with Harry Maguire doing his Carlos Alberto impression.

I am exasperated by this approach. It is garbage. Forget the ‘United’ way, this isn’t even a modern, progressive approach. Yes we are 2nd. But can anyone honestly say that the scum Citeh and Kloppsh!te would have produced that? They would have put this Leicester to the sword and wiped their *rses with three ply blue toilet paper.

I am sick to tragic death of looking at rivals who used to trail in our sewage with envy in terms of the fluidity and devastating incisiveness of their football. Sick to death of it. We don’t have a front four like Kloppsh!te; we don’t have a KDB or Sane. What we have is a team whose pragmatic approach will see them confront every game in the same manner. And it might get you 2nd or the odd cup. But it is football that was effective from the annals of Jose in 2005. He was revolutionary then; he was the injection of new blood in a staid old footballing establishment. But he was still mastered by SAF and his philosophy is again trailing in the wake of something rooted in the purity of attacking principles every part of this team is crying out for.

What is 100% clear is that Manchester United had enough skill and class to outplay Leicester City hands down. But they lose concentration and miss far too many chances to score a hatful of goals. The EPL – English Premier League champions is over as Manchester City leading by 13 points at Xmas 2017 is a lead that has never been bettered by any team in the English Premier League at Christmas time…

Manchester United start every match with only 10 men as picking Lukaku is the equivalent to selecting a piece of wood as he is the biggest ‘PLANK’ to ever lace up a pair of football boots. This slob is fat – slow and could not trap a bag of cement! This excuse of a professional footballer would be better employed as a lifeguard at a carwash…

More on this shoddy 2-2 draw Leicester City 2-2 Manchester United read up the comments on – Republik Of Mancunia – Right Here! – Right Now!

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Xmas Eve 2017 Man Utd Fans Turn Against Players and Mourinho After 2-2 Draw At Leicester…

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