Wusu Police Chief Qi Fang sacked for keeping Twin Mistresses

Xinjiang Province
People’s Republic of China – PRC
Tuesday, December 2012

The Chinese Authorities have been exercising power one more time this occasion the focus of attention is Wusu City in Xinjiang Province a sex scandal has surfaced in the local Wusu Police Force. The Wusu Police Chief Qi Fang has been fired for keeping local twins as his mistresses, and for providing favored jobs for both the girls in his own police force.

As usual with these type of revelations news is sparse and the media sponsors are busy trying to keep the news from the public and the world media! But thankfully stories and images are getting past the rigid censors. The twins have been photographed by a local paparazzi one image that has been published – see above – shows the twins posing like full service girls. These type of images with scantily clad and/or posing provocatively are frowned upon by the Chinese Government and in the case of disgraced now ex Wusu Police Chief Qi Fang the availability of the images alone probably cost him his job.

Will there by more news on the horizon in this lurid sex scandal – Who knows the story is an eyeball catcher and the Chinese public these days have a thirst and voyeuristic desire to follow and digest these stories and more. After all they usually involve corruption which as all the world knows is endemic throughout the People’s Republic of China – PRC.

Wusu Police Chief Qi Fang sacked for keeping Twin Mistresses…


Wusu – Also known by the Kazakh word as Usu a small city by Chinese standards of only some 100,000 inhabitants located in the north of China in Xinjiang Province. Despite the low population the city and immediate surrounding areas have oil resources ensuring that revenue is always in supply as local companies thrive in Oil and Gas industries including the manufacturing and processing of associated by products from oil. This bustling traditional Chinese city and community lies in an oasis in Dzungarian Basin.

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