Work Order Software

Our established business focus is on the services industry – construction – M&E services – hence as one would expect the must have solution for management and control of such projects is – “Work Order Software” Quite simply the only guaranteed cost efficient way for services control and/or human resources utilization and manpower location.

Managing utilities – home – industrial and commercial complexes and the like is dependent on the organization and planning when usually each day there are from tens to hundreds to thousands of work orders to be processed every 24 hours. No accurate way can this be implemented and executed with archaic paper filed orders archived in office files. Those days, thankfully are locked away in the annals of history. The only application for use in the present digital age is the most ubiquitous – “Work Order Software” – to process any one of the following work orders…

  • PPM
  • DPM
  • WPM
  • MPM
  • APM
  • O&M Work orders
  • E&M Work orders
  • Of course we have to mention on top of this list will be…
  • Breakdown Work orders
  • Emergency Service Work orders

Technical Profile

  • Breakdown Work orders

Any equipment – machines and/or electrical and mechanical assets that fail during operation examples – electric motors – mechanical stress fractures and/or building fabric fatigue and concrete cancer and the like in construction.

  • Emergency Service Work orders

Essential services for say in a busy shopping mall including but not limited to… water leaks – flooding – escalator failure – fire – electric outage – lift breakdowns in operation with passengers – escalator outage while in motion – fire alarm system breakdown – CCTV Safety and security monitoring system.

Caveat Emptor – Energy management – manpower deployment – safety orders – security access and patrol – HVAC control – service parts and inventory management and much more industrial and commercial tasks need management control and recording, arguably one of the best way to ‘control and monitor in a box’ is easily and cost effectively implemented by using – “Work Order Software” – follow the millions of international engineers and O&M managers who would not work on any other cost management bedrock. Remember uncontrolled un-monitored E&M services and the like are thief of money remember to procrastinate is not very smart as wasted time equals wasted money and that downstream is going to impact on unnecessary and unjustified expenditure at all utilities – home – industrial and commercial complexes.

The only go to solution is – “Work Order Software” – the choice of commercial and industrial engineers and not to forget the millions of Joe Public are really smart and they would not neglect the maintenance of the family home so they maintain in pristine condition thanks to skilled service engineers controlled – ordered and managed by

Scheduled Work Orders Work Order Software

Work Order Software…

Cost never mind the cost the first months energy savings and manpower efficiency management will redeem 100% of the purchase price of Work Order Software repaying 100% of the ROI


E&M – meaning – Electrical and Mechanical.

O&M – meaning – Operations and Maintenance.

PPM – meaning – Planned Preventive Maintenance.

APM – meaning – Annual Planned/Preventive Maintenance.

MPM – meaning – Monthly Planned/Preventive Maintenance.

WPM – meaning – Weekly Planned/Preventive Maintenance.

DPM – meaning – Daily Planned/Preventive Maintenance.

ROI – meaning – Return On Investment


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