Women in her 60s writes a best seller about OAP – Oldies’ Adulterous Passions

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012

63 years old grandmother book about OAP becomes Best seller

There are many people who think sex is not for those who are above 60s. This might be true as in reality many especially females get reluctant to sex after their middle age. But a sixty three years old grandma has proven this wrong by writing a novel about extramarital affair between a old aged pair which turned best seller book in United Kingdom.

Hilary Boyd  a sixty three years old Londoner, wrote a novel, “Thursdays in the Park” about a love affair between a pair in their early sixties. Initially started on low, the online edition on this book has been sold more than 100,000 times and proudly sitting at top in Amazon book chart. The popularity of this book can be judged by reading the amazing reviews left by readers at amazon.com where many of the reader have related themselves with this book. It has been so popular that its rights to translation are already sold and the famous actor, screenwriter and movie director “Walter Charles Dance” has offered to buy the film rights too!

Hilary received a huge feedback from mails which includes a large number of middle aged women who are grateful to her for bringing back the excitement which they felt during their early ages.

As Hilary talks about her Best seller, she says “love can’t be bounded by age or anything else and same is with desires too” usually most writers hesitate to include sex in middle aged romance fictions but exceptionally Hilary wanted to get the character a bit physical as she blatantly says ‘just because one is in her 60s, doesn’t means the sex is out of their lives’ but all this hasn’t made the book sexually explicit and there is a balance all around.

The story starts with Jeanie a female in her 60s who is married to George. There is no sex in their marital life and it’s all kind of dull and boring. Time flies and then Jeanie meets Ray in a children park where like her, he too is looking after his grandchild. Gradually they become friends with a hidden desire which is kept hidden till they decide to meet personally.
To most of the reader this will look like the story of writer’s itself as Hilary too has been married to a sixty four years old film maker Don and they both are in relationship for forty years has three children too. But Hilary says this is totally a work of fiction ‘our story is far different from Jeanie and we have spend good times full of excitement, there is still lots of excitement left in both of us’ she adds.

63 years old grandmother book “Thursdays in the Park”  about OAP becomes Best seller…

Women in her 60s writes a best seller about OAP – Oldies’ Adulterous Passions…

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