Will the Galaxy S4 showcase Samsung’s new Air Gestures?

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Are Air Gestures Coming to New Samsung Mobile Phones in 2013

With its new Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung is shining the spotlight on innovation, and wants to turn it into its brand identity. When the S3 came out, we discovered new innovating features like pop-up videos or Smart Stay. If that is any indication, the trend will keep with the Galaxy S4.

Along with the possible introduction of Eye Scroll and Eye Pause, Samsung might be getting ready to show us another shiny new feature. Dubbed Air Gesture, this would allow users to control some of the phone’s function without actually touching the screen. As features such as Smart Stay already make use of visual rather than tactile sensors, this seems to us like a natural evolution where touch functions and close but remote functions meet in the middle.

Of course there is also an added degree of complexity given that now the goal is not to detect the user’s stationary face but to recognize gestures done at varying distances from the camera, with a wide range of hand and finger shapes and sizes.

This system which allows a user to interact with his or her screen without touching it, is not a camera function, as we would imagine. Two capacitive sensors are embedded into the screen, allowing it to detect a finger’s presence above the display, an interaction processed by a dedicated CPU the Atmel maXTouch S.

South Korean daily newslet DDaily claims that Samsung will ship the Galaxy S4 equipped with this feature, which wouldn’t be the first appearance of such a system, as Sony’s Xperia Sola already makes use of something similar.

But what might one do with this new control paradigm? For instance, a user could highlight a web link in their browser before clicking on it. This certainly reminds us of the Galaxy Note 2’s Air View, though this version does away with the stylus. With this new addition to its innovation catalog, the Galaxy S4 is shaping up to be a showcase of the best consumer technology Samsung has to offer. Stay tuned and wait until March 15th to confirm and discover the new floating gestures.

Are Air Gestures Coming to New Samsung Mobile Phones in 2013…

Will the Galaxy S4 showcase Samsung’s new Air Gestures?…


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