Wikileaks CIA Hack Vault 7 Release

Wikileaks CIA Hack Vault 7 Release…

Wikileaks CIA Hack Vault 7 Release - Image Copyright BetaNews.Com
Wikileaks CIA Hack Vault 7 Release - Image Copyright BetaNews.Com

Wikileaks CIA Hack Vault 7 Release – Image Copyright BetaNews.Com

Julian Assange is viewed by the US government as at best, an out of control rogue, and by others guilty of treason and should spend the rest of his life behind bars. But here is the kicker most ordinary working class people around the world believe Julian Assange is a brave principled pioneer who is doing his best to dismantle and destroy ‘Big Brother’

Folks like Julian Assange and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden are not going away soon, as silence one and up pops another. In reality the game is ruled by the hackers as they can breach any US government agency – office – email – smart phone et al at will.

The US observes hacking on a regular basis and 4 recent whistleblowers are

1 – Bradley Manning aka now transgender Chelsea Manning convicted of breaching the US espionage act. Now languishing in prison trying to work out whether to wear trousers or a dress!

2 – Edward Snowden – NSA file dumps and Snowden is now safely exiled in Russia under the approval and acceptance of Vladimir Putin.

What is he doing now? Well computer nerds aka geeks just do not stop work – hacking is what turns them on, hence who will Edward Snowden be hacking for now? Well many folks are guessing Russia and Vladimir Putin.

3 – Wikileaks John Podesta – Hillary Clinton Leaked Emails created huge uproar in run up to failed crooked Hillary run for the WH –

White House in 2016 US Presidential Election. Julian Assange revelled in this and watched on in glee, from his base in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he is holed up enjoying or/not enjoying diplomatic protection privy thanks to The President of the Republic of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

4 – Wikileaks CIA Hack Vault 7 Release, putting Julian Assange back in the US political mix, which has engendered massive new international support for the teak hard hacker head honcho of Wikileaks who in over 10 years has never published any fake news and/or proprietary and confidential data that on publication has always been proven to be 100% accurate and the truth

This latest cyber hack released by Wikileaks was enacted during the hapless presidency of President Barack Obama. Now the problem is the Wikileaks CIA hack is out there for everyone to view allies and enemies alike…

Here is the Wikileaks CIA Hack Vault 7 Release – Hot Link – Moreover it is worth reviewing as much of Vault 7 is in easy to read layout, take a look Right Here! – Right Now!

Wikileaks.Org Wikileaks Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Who leaked this stuff to Wikileaks? Good question but the US government who are the self professed best experts on anyone and/or anything in the world. The official answer is to date they have no idea!

Wikileaks CIA Hack Vault 7 Release…

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