Whingeing Whining US Democrats

Whingeing Whining US Democrats…

Democratic Seal Crying And Whining Since 2000 - Image Copyright PolitiFake.Org
Democratic Seal Crying And Whining Since 2000 - Image Copyright PolitiFake.Org

Democratic Seal Crying And Whining Since 2000 – Image Copyright PolitiFake.Org

Here is the political map in USA circa 2017. The President Trump government and the 68% of the US population who liked his Address To Congress believe the country is in a mess! The Democrats have their head in the sands and advocate that the legacy left by outgoing President Obama is the best the USA has been in for decades. Wrong North America is in a mess period – bogged down in regulation ontop of regulation – burgeoning national debt – high unemployment – bogus healthcare and more that is what Barack Obama left behind.

Just over one day since the 2017 Address To Congress and the beleaguered hapless Democrats come out with this courtesy of attack dog Sen Al Franken – quote – @SenFranken “Very troubled that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had contact with Russian official despite testifying otherwise.” Nancy Pelosi – quote – “unfit to serve” referring to Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions – responded cordially but firmly “I’m not aware of any of those activities,” – more – “I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians.”

History recall for all Democratic politicians – Anyone of you ever remember Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, she came into office in 1979 to 1990 when the west was locked in decades of cold war with Russia. Thatcher set up a meeting with Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev now here is what happened (Democrats will deny this) they communicated – found some common political ground – became friends then finally improved the world at that time, the benefits were that the whole globe was a safer and better place to live in.

But roll the clock forward to 2017 and the ignorant US Democrats view 100% everything about Vladimir Putin and Russia that they are the biggest threat to stability in the USA and they are not worth talking to as Russia is the sworn enemy – period…

Democrats get over it, you are brainwashed!!!!

The US folks can see through all the negative Democratic mumbo jumbo and do not care about this Russia nonsense – end of…

Message from the USA people all Democrats – STFU! Do something useful you were all voted in office to work to enable USA and the people to benefit. So just work and help this great country!

Whingeing Whining US Democrats…

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