What is the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Prophecy
Holy Spirit Prophecy

I am not sure who or ‘What is the Holy Spirit!’ Are you?

Did some of you start laughing at me because I do not know ‘What is the Holy Spirit!’

Before anyone cracks out laughing aloud, then ridiculing me for my ignorance…
I am certainly not a numpty – maybe my problem is that my parents forced me to go every week to Church and Sunday School… Their intentions were honorable and correct but as is often the case, force is not the way forward…

‘What is the Holy Spirit!’ Is it a virtual third person that God transcends into your inner being to be with you always through good times and bad times… If this detail has an iota of truth then surely everyone who is reading this now! Must surely want to know about the ‘Holy Spirit’

Here is how click the link below – Right Here! Right Now!

What is the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit – Holy Spirit…

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