Website Security – WordPress Security

Website Security – WordPress Security…

Website Protection – Safe & Secure – Image Copyright WebsiteHostingParadise.Com

Website Protection – Safe & Secure – Image Copyright WebsiteHostingParadise.Com

Website Protection – Safe & Secure – Image Copyright WebsiteHostingParadise.Com

The rubric is easy to understand for folks who can we say the words they are ‘Digital Literate’ aka they understand how the internet works. First there is the first line rhetoric that spews out round the clock from the mainstream – lamestream press and TV media! What they pound readers and viewers with brainwashing aka fake news and even more irrelevance…

But all this is bluster that is moving away from the essentials needs of the rubric namely – “Website Security – WordPress Security” all readers of this article never push back aka ignore the realities of real life. Look this is where we are in the digital content world anyone and/or company that has a non mainstream – lamestream website then that digital content is vulnerable to being hacked – banned – deleted et al….

There are millions maybe billions around the world who build a social media profile and think they can stick to the tenets of ‘The First Amendment’ and upload in digital text and/or videos overlaid with audible narrative and display or visualize whatever you want… Simply because free speech is protected by ‘The First Amendment’.

Wrong if anything is not in line with the left wing liberal doctrine of the US globalists your website and/or video will get banned – deleted – removed from search engines and more. The kicker is that any text and/or video which is not as per the official – big government – far left liberal fascists may be subject to hacking – malware – virus – SQL injection – SSL injection – banning – injected new suspicious files et al.

The harsh – stark reality is the anyone and/or company website needs protecting with – “Website Security – WordPress Security”

Now is the time to protect all images and data on websites the go to solution is Right Here! – Right Now!

Website Hosting Paradise WHP Security

Website Security – WordPress Security…


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