Wan Kuok Koi 14K Inc Macau December 2012

Taipa Island
Sunday, December 02, 2012

Now that Wan Kuok Koi 14K Triad Kingpin ‘Broken Tooth’ aka  ‘Broken Tooth Koi’ aka Wan Kuok Koi aka in Cantonese as Wan Gwok-keui – aka in Mandarin as Yǐn Guójū aka Pan Nga Koi is back on the streets of Macau following his release from Coloane Prison…

We take this opportunity to name some of his associates – business partners – fellow 14K Triad Society Members and a motley bunch of chip boys and junket service providers et al

•    Wan Kuok-hung – Brother and 14K gang lieutenant

•    Artur Chiang Calderon aka Chan Yuet Bo in Chinese right hand man and arguably the number two in the Macau Faction of the 14K Triad Society reports to the kingpin only Broken Tooth Koi 崩牙駒. Calderon was an ex Macau Police Officer, at present under arrest suspected of planning to murder a rival gangster in Macau

•    Plus many more we will name as the legendary 14K gang kingpin rebuilds his gangland command and control infrastructure

•    Many analysts say Koi is yesterday’s man and will not come back, we have doubts he has the connections – the experience and the money to get back in the game in a big way!

On release from Coloane Prison 崩牙駒 was asked what is next he had this to say – quote – “I suppose I’ll be a player in this field” (in Cantonese ‘chut-lei-hang-ge’, which can mean either ‘as a member of the triad world’, or simply ‘as a person walking out there’), which ambiguously doesn’t reveal what he’s planning to do.

Wan Kuok Koi 14K Inc Macau December 2012…

Triad Violence in Macau and Hong Kong in the late 1990s

•    In Macau, the Triads brazenly killed three civil servants and a prison guard. and bombed the car of a police chief, who narrowly escaped being killed.

•    In May 1997, there was a gangland-style execution in which three people were riddled with bullets while they sat in a car in the middle of the day in downtown Macau. One of the victims was Sek Weng-cheog, believed to be the right-hand man of “Broken Tooth Koi,” the suspected dragon head of 14K, Macau’s largest and most notorious Triad. The murders were believed to be part of a gang war between rival Triads, 14K and smaller Soi Fong, or Water Room Triad.

•    A total of 14 people were killed in Macau in the first half of 1997, compared to 21 in 1996. Only one of the cases was solved. Police believe that the majority of the murders were related to the Triad war and that after the slaying the murderers slipped across the border into the neighboring mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai. Many of the slayings were execution-style hits reminiscent of gangland killing in Chicago in the 1920s. – Attribution to FactsandDetails.Com

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