Wan Kuok Koi – Broken Tooth Koi Pearl On The Lough building in Taipa

Pearl On The Lough building in Taipa

Taipa Island



South China

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Wan Kuok Koi – Broken Tooth Koi has been released from Coloane Prison and by all accounts he is now residing at Pearl On The Lough upmarket residence in Taipa

Broken Tooth was met at the high security unit prison gates by two minders driving a white Lexus registration number LS430. It is alleged that the 14K Triad kingpin was celebrating his release last night at the Sheraton Macau Hotel, Cotai Central at a private dinner organized by at least 100 – one  hundred of his associates and gangland hoods. Wan Kuok Koi by all accounts although now in his late fifties is reported to be very sharp mentally and physically showcasing lean muscular fitness…

The ordinary man in the Macau streets must be thinking déjà vu are we now about to see  mayhem  reminiscent of the mid 1990s when Wan Kuok Koi 14K Triad Kingpin ruled Macau supreme!

Watch this space something exciting is sure to happen, if we see the gangland resurrection in a return to the streets and casinos  of  Macau with ‘White Ghost Tim’ back into the limelight then you can be sure he will be right behind his boss Broken Tooth Koi…

The Macau Police and Authorities may be busier than usual in the coming months keeping law and order if Macau sees the return of the notorious 14K Triad Society!

Wan Kuok Koi – Broken Tooth Koi Pearl On The Lough building in Taipa…

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