Vodafone To Sell Chinese Smartphone AXON M in Spain

Vodafone To Sell Chinese Smartphone AXON M in Spain…

ZTE Axon M Smartphone - Image Copyright GadgetsIn.Com

ZTE Axon M Smartphone – Image Copyright GadgetsIn.Com

MADRID, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) — Chinese multinational telecommunications company ZTE launched its new smartphone AXON M in Spain at an event held in Madrid late Tuesday.

The high-end smartphone has an innovative design with two 5.2 inch screens, which can either be folded out to convert the phone into a tablet-sized device, or opened up to be used separately, allowing for multi-tasking with different functions carried out simultaneously on each screen.

“The new era of smartphones has arrived… The AXON M is the start of an unimaginable movement regarding the capacity for the use of smartphones and ZTE is leading the way,” said Samuel Sun, the General Manager for Terminals at ZTE.

Sun commented that the “ecosystem for smartphones” has evolved over the past 10 years, but “user experience” remains the same because there have been few changes to the design of the hardware.

He said the arrival of the AXON M “breaks the rules”, and offers more possibilities to clients, who “expect more” from their smartphones.

Gonzalo Eguiluz, Commercial Director of ZTE Spain, also said the new product showed “a different way of using a smartphone”.

ZTE entered the Spanish smartphone market in 2008, and since then has expanded its market share and profile.

The AXON M smartphone will be sold in Spain by network service provider, Vodafone. – Quote attribution XinhuaNet.Com

Vodafone To Sell Chinese Smartphone AXON M in Spain…


ZTE Axon M Smartphone – meaning – Great smartphone good for multi tasking, likely to be a best seller. As will have limited dual screen competition. Expect to see Vodafone have a big marketing push to get the ZTE Axon M Smartphone into and established in the Spanish marketplace. Spain has a mature smartphone user base and the users are very smart and savvy, who will be sure to want to try out this great new dual screen smartphone.

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