Virtual Blogging Showcasing Empower Network

Virtual blogging one of the best ways to do Internet business circa 2013. One of the premier resources for blogging is Empower Network, this network has taken the WWW by storm of late.

Carmen St. John had this to say about Empower Network – quote – 5 Cycles of Success applied to Internet Marketing and Everyday Life

Get Clear:
Refine the “why.” Have clarity of judgement on the desired outcome and why this outcome in specific is worth pursuing.

Hone in and Focus:
To move forward you have to remain focussed on the desired outcome.

Do the Work:
No multi-tasking allowed. Stay the course and if you find yourself getting off track, then pull in the reins and narrow the path of focus.

Pull the Weeds:
Stop the mind chatter from cluttering the brain. Don’t get stuck amidst the weeds in your head, pull out the weeds and the chatter that stops you from completing your desire.

Celebrate Everything:
Every win is a celebration because it acknowledges your forward motion and drives your motivation to continue moving forward where needed.

With EmpowerNetwork, I celebrate wins on a daily basis. Join me on the inside and hear this amazing, hair-raising story from addict to millionaire. – Attribution to Carmen St. John.

Virtual Blogging Empower Network

Virtual Blogging Showcasing Empower Network…


ENV2 – meaning – Empower Network Version 2.0 – new blogging platform

Carmen St. John – meaning – An Internet Marketing Entrepreneur – Loving Life and Living the Life I Love. I have been working at online marketing for about four years. Empowered and loving it as I am now helping others achieve success by paying it forward. – Attribution to Carmen St. John.

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