USA War Puppet UK Deploys Troops – Tanks – Armour In Estonia

USA War Puppet UK Deploys Troops – Tanks – Armour In Estonia

The 51st State? - Image Copyright Sott.Com
The 51st State? - Image Copyright Sott.Com

The 51st State? – Image Copyright Sott.Com

Ever feel embarrassed and ashamed to be British, it is quite easy to find out why. As in live through the civil war in Lebanon and Gulf War One while working in Syria – Jordan – Lebanon – Saudi Arabia – UAE for 13 solid years. Top that off living 18 continuous years in the Orient – Taiwan – Hong Kong – Macau aka Macao – PRC aka China – Thailand – Singapore – Malaysia – Indonesia – Cambodia… What happens after living more than 30 years in communist systems and/or hybrid democrat/communist leveraged governments one quickly realizes that these communities are far more even handed – balanced places to live than say – potless USA and morally and financially bankrupt – UK – United Kingdom…

Here we all are Easter 2017 and the unhinged USA President Trump is doing what all President’s do when they become unpopular to curry favor with the braindead USA electorate they start dropping Tomahawks and a MOAB in Syria and Afghanistan respectively… Guess what happens the Press and TV anchors go out onto the streets of Manhattan to find out what Joe Public think about the warmongering in Syria and Afghanistan. No surprises in the response they get when they ask – Where is Syria? 60% of folks have never heard of a place and/or country called Syria. But one black dude said quote – “I have never heard of Syria, but I know all that matters is that I am stood in New York City – NYC” another typical answer – “Syria umm guess it must be on a map someplace!”

With sixty per cent of the USA population walking around like this – with not a clue what is going on in USA and no single idea that life and mankind can possibly exist and survive outside of the USA…

After all why should there be life and communities outside of the USA – UK – United Kingdom. The reality is that the USA and UK want to bomb the rest of the world into oblivion…

Why are USA – UK against all the Middle East – China – Russia – North Korea – Afghanistan and more? Quite simple the UK Prime Minister and USA President Trump are neutered they either kowtow to the almighty arms – weapons manufacturers. Failure to do so by falling in line will mean they get removed from office by impeachment – the voters or by being victim to some conspiracy to eject the incumbents out of office…

Easter Monday the world was privy to see USA Vice President Mike Pence in Seoul – South Korea bloviating – quote – “Just in the past two weeks,the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan,” the vice president said after delivering a statement to the media alongside Hwang Kyo-ahn, South Korea’s acting president.“North would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region,” Pence said.” – Quote attribution WashingtonPost.Com

Meanwhile arrogant – inept – UK puppet – Theresa May UK Prime Minister had this to say why Troops – Tanks – Armour In Estonia are forming a wall of steel directly facing Russia…

News Clip The Sun UK Monday, April 17 – 2017

MOSCOW’S top diplomat in the UK has warned that our relationship with Russia is worse than ever before after Britain deployed hundreds of troops near its border in Estonia.

Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko slammed the massive deployment for worsening relations and painted a worryingly grim picture of the relationship between Downing Street and the Kremlin.

More than 800 UK troops have been deployed to Eastern Europe – along with tanks and heavy armour – to defend against Russian aggression.

The move comes as the Prime Minister accused Russia of being on the “wrong side of the argument” by failing to condemn the Syrian regime following a chemical attack. – News Clip attribution TheSun.Co.Uk

The Sun UK Monday, April 17 – 2017 FROSTY RELATIONS UK’s relationship with Russia at an ‘all-time low’ warns Moscow diplomat as No 10 deploys 800 troops to Estonia

USA War Puppet UK Deploys Troops – Tanks – Armour In Estonia…

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