USA vs Russia Calculus Syria Quagmire Who Blinks First

USA vs Russia Calculus Syria Quagmire Who Blinks First…

Calculus - Image Copyright BtCalculove.Weebly.Com

Calculus - Image Copyright BtCalculove.Weebly.Com

Calculus – Image Copyright BtCalculove.Weebly.Com

Strip down the whole of the complex – complicated messy quagmire in Syria to two specific cogs in the wheel namely Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin and that is the battle royal within… What is troubling is that both these men are not losers and/or quitters!

However one is the smartest potentially most dangerous man on the planet – the other believes he has the inner ability to achieve the impossible. But the one on one evaluation flags up the long term winner the indestructible Vladimir Putin…

So many protagonists are in the mix in Syria, which is raking in trillions of dollars in weapons and arms revenue for the favored manufacturers that have been nominated to deliver supplies and weapons into the battleground theater. Needless to say Vladimir Putin and his ally Bashar Hafez al-Assad will be beneficiary to financial gain by way of enjoying millions of dollars of kickbacks… That highlights who makes the most money from war.

Who has the best advisors Donald J Trump or Vladimir Putin?

On the military front President Trump has assembled a very strong team – however his diplomacy analysts are weak – inexperienced and ill equipped to deal with former KGB leader who has the instant ability to morph out of his KGB garb into the slimy depths of a very slippery snake oil salesman. Moving on the Team Trump has little or no international diplomacy expertise…

Who will blink first and go mano to mano either Donald J Trump or Vladimir Putin?

Cannot see Vladimir Putin cracking first – that means the ever tightening pressure is on Donald Trump to hold his nerve and hence by doing so prevent a very dangerous escalation in the war in Syria. Trump likely to crack!!!!!

Who will come out top dog in the end game?

That is the easiest answer of the whole conflict, no single person and/or country wins every battleground shareholder is an eternal loser!

Meanwhile the global power brokers tell us all we live in a civilized world…

USA vs Russia Calculus Syria Quagmire Who Blinks First…


Calculus – meaning – This word was dropped into the rubric because the math vis a vie the Syria Quagmire is so complicated and complex involving a vast array of moves that could not be worked out on a chess board with Robert James “Bobby” Fischer aka Bobby Fischer and his adversary the Russian USSR chess genius Boris Spassky even these two would not have the moves to peacefully resolve the Syria Quagmire.

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