USA Politics First – People Last!

USA Politics First – People Last!

2017 Golden Globe Awards - Image Copyright
2017 Golden Globe Awards - Image Copyright

2017 Golden Globe Awards – Image Copyright

There at long last seems just one word to describe USA the land of dumbfuckery

Just love the word – it fits the USA to a T…

The latest political reality is that in some obscure film awards selfie promotion. One award goes to Meryl Streep and up she gets to make a thanks speech… and all that blurts out of her mouth is a political diatribe of pure hate and mumbo jumbo… By the way Meryl Streep is a great actress so why does she not keep to acting!

Folks do not need that at the Golden Globe especially when on a daily basis this is the norm….

President Obama instead of preparing to handover management of the White House to President-elect Trump, Obama is attempting to score browning points as he does everything possible to make sure there is a rocky and turbulent winding obstacle ridden entry onto the lawns of the POTUS residence… Assume this continues. Who knows how difficult it will be for President-elect Trump to get through the front door of the White House…

So the US folks are sick of all this bitching so they decide to watch an entertainment show as in the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. What do they get? A dumbfuckery public display of elite egos so out of touch with reality – that they live – eat – sleep and work inside each other’s assholes!

Golden Globes comedian Jimmy Fallon is up there on stage to make folks laugh! Right? No that is not his agenda he want to make some dumbfuckery disparaging skits about President-elect Trump…

Oh how disillusioned these elite self serving Hollywood liberals are!

USA Politics First – People Last!

Now to what Joe Public expect from Hollywood movie stars! They expect to be entertained and enthralled by brilliant acting performances. What they get is political whining and bitching!

Joe Public go to see and/or watch on TV the Golden Globe Awards comedians make them laugh! What they get is Jimmy Fallon, what a douche bag making a mealy mouthed attack on President-elect Trump…

USA Politics First – People Last!



1. The art or practice of being a dumbfuck.

2. The state or condition of being a dumbfuck.

Beverly’s dumbfuckery knows no bounds.

Legend quote attribution UrbanDictionary.Com

Hence we can edit to…

USA’s dumbfuckery knows no bounds.

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