USA 2017 Dysfunctional

USA 2017 Dysfunctional

Guns Instock - Image Copyright LasVegasGunRange.Net
Guns Instock - Image Copyright LasVegasGunRange.Net

Guns Instock – Image Copyright LasVegasGunRange.Net

The rubric says it all USA is a joke that is anything but funny!

Here are some of the problems…

1 – The Press and TV media can never tell a real story, it is all about ratings and eyeballs – viewers – readers – trolls who cares as long as everyone makes millions of dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$… Take the Las Vegas Massacre the media hot buttons were intent on sensationalism, as they changed the headlines by the hour to get more and more viewers.

2 – President Trump got up to give a speech, making many references to god! Come on nobody outside of USA is going to believe that works… Why has nobody stood up and said there should be a ban on guns!!!!

3 – People and media were saying that folks were coming together in unison. Really wake up folks USA is divided like never before.

4 – The news media idiot of the day – a muppet reporter’s first question to the Las Vegas killer’s brother – “How do you feel today?” Unbelievable what a dumbf**kery start to an interview. The brother Eric Paddock was immediately on the back foot in defensive mode, how come the stupid reporter never inquired about any reason his brother would have to kill 59 innocent people and seriously wound over 500 more folks who were at the LV music concert.

5 – More than 24 hours after Las Vegas Massacre another reporter interviewed a woman in LV and asked her – “What do you think about President Trump coming to Las Vegas on Wednesday?” Answer – “Oh, really that is very exciting!” Can anyone understand now, how society has dropped into the gutter over the last 20 years and more!

6 – Why is the Stephen Craig Paddock so ‘unknown’, they knew who Lee Harvey Oswald within an hour of Kennedy´╗┐ being shot and they can’t find out about this guy? Why after more than 24 hours have they not got a digital footprint of his recent and past history.

7 – Money rules! But the reality is that USA is over $20 trillion dollars in debt and if called in now, no way to pay! As they say in a Las Vegas casino you lost that was a busted flush. Which is the right call when describing the bankrupt USA, as in the fair and balanced society where the have’s have – and the rest have zilch!

8 – Does anyone in USA believe that Stephen Craig Paddock was the lone shooter? Because nobody outside the states believe that! The simple reason is that this had to be planned over days and maybe weeks. Someone and/or some people know something more about this Las Vegas Massacre.

9 – Why did an unnamed woman burst into the music concert shouting – “You are all going to die!” – the security removed the woman but fact she made the statement – “You are all going to die!” approximately 45 minutes before Stephen Craig Paddock started his shooting rampage.

10 – Conspiracy theories are going to abound! That should not be necessary as people should be told the truth! But fact there will be a cover up – for any number of reasons – financial – political or even recreational to enable LV to keep it’s reputation. But if the truth were to come up that would be easiest – quickest least painful way to restore the Las Vegas image. But fact that will never happen!

11 – Stephen Craig Paddock must have had an agenda – motive for this insane murderous rampage. Plus the public have the right to know how many gun shot wounds were found on his body, there should be only one bullet hole as that is all that is possible with self inflicted gun suicide. The only other way for more gun shot wounds is he got shot dead by the cops. Or he set up one gun on auto firing and he placed himself in the front of the direct fire, in that case there may be a possibility he got hit by more than one shot before he dropped to the floor. Or his back was riddled with bullet holes! Which in that case the feds would hold their hands up and say – “How did that happen!”

12 – There is no financial gain if the press and TV media tell the truth! Why? Because that closes the story line and brings closure to the families and friends of the near 600 victims as in 59 dead and over 500 wounded. How would that benefit fake news publishers that would close down the ad revenue streams. No folks this will run for years maybe even decades as long as fake news can make millions of bucks from advertising revenue.

13 – Some of the botox – silicone enhanced doozies who are on the TV screens are fueled with one objective – tell lies and at the same time create a reason why viewers should read some important information on their own personal social media profiles! In other words use their paymasters to curve around the real news and create chaos by deceiving viewers to visit their own own personal social media profiles! Why? Simple because they do not care an iota for USA folks. There are just interested in getting their grubby hands on ad revenue generated on social media profiles.

Folks we are done with this as the truth – honesty – integrity and decency has dropped out of the ass end of the majority of USA society.

USA 2017 Dysfunctional…

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