USA 2012 – 2016 The Best Is Yet To Come

USA 2012 – 2016

The White House
Tuesday, Nov 06, 2012

So the political circus in the bitterly fought USA Presidential Election is all over and the American people have voted back in office  incumbent  Democrat President Barack Obama for a new term 2012 – 2016.

The expected tough fight against Barack Obama from Republican candidate Mitt Romney never really got going and on the day before midnight President Barack Obama was home and dry voted in the a second term. The key to win was that seven of the nine battleground States went to the Democrats and this was the key to defeating the Republicans.

So what does 2012 – 2016 promise – it is hard to see much progress as the USA political arena is virtually gridlocked with voters split almost 50% – 50% and likewise the Congress House of Representatives and the Senate are split on a similar basis. Hence as neither party seems to have the will and/or desire to reach out politically to work ahead by combining bi-partisan united progress. That is not going to happen with these two political parties who are as far apart on policies as black and white!

USA 2012 – 2016 The Best Is Yet To Come…

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