US Election 2016 – 6 Day Countdown

US Election 2016 – 6 Day Countdown…

Huma Abedin - Image Copyright DailyBeast.Com - Mike Blake Reuters
Huma Abedin - Image Copyright DailyBeast.Com - Mike Blake Reuters

Huma Abedin – Image Copyright DailyBeast.Com – Mike Blake Reuters

An arbiter of direct truths or a pack of lies – some of today’s headlines…

‘We need a strong leader’: Trump’s popularity high among Iraqis – Attribution Fox News.

Post-ABC Tracking Poll: Trump 46, Clinton 45, as Democratic enthusiasm dips – Attribution Washington Post.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook on ‘Break in Protocol’ by FBI – Attribution ABC News.

What’s next: FBI unlikely to conclude Clinton email review prior to election – Attribution CNN.

Huma Abedin’s April Warning from the FBI – Attribution Fox News.

‘Go ahead. Look at them,’ Clinton says of the new emails – Attribution USA Today.

National poll: Trump now leads Clinton by 1 point – Attribution The Hill.

The Hell of Being Huma Abedin – Attribution Daily Beast.

Well that is pot pourri of rubrics from differing USA news and media outlets!

Now let’s get real and see what the press in the Orient has to say…

Hillary Rodham Clinton: the unloved politician – Attribution Bangkok Post.

Hillary Clinton’s e-mail saga: Clinton aide Huma Abedin is no stranger to high-profile scandals – Attribution Straits Times Singapore.

Why Hillary Clinton is a bigger concern for China than Donald Trump – Attribution SCMP South China Morning Post.

Clinton vows to stay course, Trump boosted – Attribution China Daily.

Clinton says she won’t be ‘knocked off course’ in final week Attribution The Jakarta Post.

No surprise defense-dependent allies like Clinton – Attribution the Japan Times.

Folks make your mind up – TRUTH or LIE!!!!

As for the time clock it is counting down hour by hour – day by day – while all the time the Donald Trump is getting closer and closer to The White House – POTUS.

As for tiresome boring lying Hillary Clinton on the stump Tuesday this poor excuse of a human being was dragging out of the closet a bunch of dormant old complaints about Donald Trump. Mrs H.R.Clinton get a life and clean your own backyard first get the brush out and sweep the 33,000 missing emails in the direction of the FBI. Mrs H.R.Clinton you have failed in every job you have had in office so please do everyone a favor and stop all your industrial scale of corrupt practices and the millions of dollars you have paid into the Team Clinton bank accounts.

Take an applause Mrs H.R.Clinton your rally in Dade City – Florida had and displayed all the hallmarks of the tired last stand of a loser! Folks if you know of a bigger loser please tell the world!!!

US Election 2016 – 6 Day Countdown…

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