US Election 2016 – 13 Day Countdown

US Election 2016 – 13 Day Countdown…

Hillary Clinton - Image Copyright Imgur.Com

Hillary Clinton - Image Copyright Imgur.Com

Hillary Clinton – Image Copyright Imgur.Com

The days are counting down and folks should now get really serious! As the polls tand right now the new POTUS is going to be 30 year failed politician Hillary Clinton, hard to believe and reconcile but true. The GOP have hung Donald J.Trump out to dry and the failure by the Republicans to rally around their candidate is so damn crass and naive.

It will take decades for the Republican Party to recover if Hillary Clinton gets into The White House. When in power all Clinton will be is bunker down and daily make moves to dismantle and shred the grand old party. Hillary Clinton as President of the United States will cause endless problems for America and Joe Public.

Military Issues.

Military Issues – Clinton it has been proven on military issues is a hawk so more body bags can be the expectancy of the US Armed Forces. Fight first then who cares about the dead people – broken communities – destroyed infrastructure – homeless families – refugees and more. All that and more, does not matter to this dangerous hawk who is deadly and always strikes first.

USA Finance and Economy.

USA Finance and Economy – Finance is another Hillary failure she is so locked into the Wall Street corruption that she does not care an iota for the economy.The status quo is as long as Clinton gets the wonga aka money who cares about anything else.

Obamacare – US Health Care.

Obamacare – US Health Care – The US health care system is a disaster and the health insurance premiums are set to rise by up to 25% in 2017. What a joke what about the sick and needy – the Veterans – the special needs – the old – the pensioners – the injured – the accident victims. What a mess Obamacare is health care in the USA is in one word – LOUSY!

USA Education System.

USA Education System – Typically school children in the States say lets have some junk food for lunch and then wash it down with sugar laden drinks. All the while the kids are turning up to school class in tatty clothes and a smart phone hunkered into a designer bag or similar. Get this in China and Asia children want to learn – do learn and become well educated and moreover they wear school uniforms and smart phones are banned. Education matters in Asia and China in the USA who cares let’s dumb down folks we do not want to educate them because then they will escape from sheep like behavior. Guess what educated people in the USA would demand that many things in the US political system! The Democrats and Hillary Clinton do not want that do they! Education might lead to “Acid Washed” emails prosecution – jail for receiving millions of dollars of back handers – corrupt payments – that is a crime and educated people would send Hillary Clinton to jail.

USA Political Whitewash

USA Political Whitewash – Yes that is what it will be if Hillary Clinton is POTUS – Joe Public will be lied to and lied to and lied to… It will never end – deception – denial – ignoring facts – et al. Folks elect Hillary Clinton into The White House and what to expect is carte blanche lies – industrial scale corruption – serial smoke and mirrors…


US Election 2016 – 13 Day Countdown…

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