US Election 2016 – 12 Day Countdown

US Election 2016 – 12 Day Countdown…

Voting Early - Image Copyright Inquirer.Net

Voting Early - Image Copyright Inquirer.Net

Voting Early – Image Copyright Inquirer.Net

The clock is ticking down and this phony freakshow rolls on… Daily lies – lies and more lies from the boring lamestream media and press!

More worrying is every man and his dog is ignoring the content of the Wikileaks email leaks, this is concerning as Clinton is in a heap of trouble viz a vie the John Podesta emails. But the left wing Democratic press are blocking this classified information from getting out in the public domain. Folks it is daily whitewash a “Hot Mess” !!!!

This US Election 2016 is high wire circus act with the press being bold and noble holding up the safety nets to make sure that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta do not fall off the high wire and crash to the ground blowing up the Clinton US Election 2016 phony Democratic campaign to get voted into The White House. Hillary Clinton are dodging bullets all day long as the rigged election mess rolls on…

Florida Battleground State

But Donald Trump is rallying and has edged 2 points ahead of Clinton 45% to 43 % in a crucial battleground state – sunny Florida. Trump is kicking butt at last in Florida, because the voters have at long last woken from a long sleep. The sleep was complete with a nightmare dream which was that if elected Hillary Clinton would be a useless POTUS…

Arizona Battleground State

On TV News right now chief Trump election adviser Rudy Giuliani says they are going to win Arizona… Rudy Giuliani ended the interview spot by saying the Trump team has some very good surprise tricks they will bring into play soon to bury Hillary Clinton.

Love Rudy Giuliani this guy is bright and razor sharp – confident – articulate – believable and super cool. This guy gives Donald Trump the support and back up to knock Hillary Clinton out of the park… Right now the Arizona polls have it Donald Trump 45% to Hillary Clinton 44%, traditionally Arizona is a red state, on that basis expect Trump to pull clear in the next 12 days – there is always time…

US Election 2016 – 12 Day Countdown…

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