Universal Music Director, Devin Gibson, Devises Solution To Multi-Market Music Brand Management.

January 12, 2014.

Devin Gibson Director

Devin Gibson Director

In collaboration with the Leo Burnette Agency of Toronto, and Artist & Brand Service firm, Universal Music’s developed music branding process, has carried the company branch to profit shares of over 6.5 on the market.

The patented solution was presented at the Nashville Music City Center for its latest stock contingency summit in June. Since then, the acclaimed configuration has been utilized in agency platforms for Coca Cola Company and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, as well as a latest campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Creator, Devin Gibson was assigned President to an image and branding firm, Clarity Image Works shortly after his success and will be one of the first to implement its strategy to the firm’s broad ranged clientele. At the summit, Americans for the Arts advocate, Jeff Daniels began the commencement speech describing Gibson as both a philosopher and activist for the progression of performing arts.

It is estimated that the new changes to the brand and development process will require a preliminary budget increase of thousands per quarter, with market return values at over seven billion dollars, by 2016. The alterations for the new process would make use of individual brand ambassadors and larger commercial entities, including those of foreign markets and talent literary agencies.

The assessment indicated an increase in foreign artist features, entertainment sponsorships, associative corporation branding, and cumulative “artist discovery” cycles. “The objective is to create a steady flow of individual brands to incorporate and market internationally, and to maintain each profit’s peak per individual, rather than relying on what would be considered a single promising investment.” Gibson said during the closing Q and A hearing.

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