Umpiem Mai Refugee Camp Ablaze in Tak Province

Tak Province



Friday, February 24, 2012

A major fire is blazing away in a vast Burmese Refugee Camp housing nearly 18,000 people in Umpien Mai in the northern Thailand province of Tak near to the Thai- Myanmar/Burma border. The fire has ripped through the shanty houses built out of bamboo – wood and thatch the damage is extensive and thousands of houses are destroyed just leaving a pungent smelling mass of  ashes and rubble.

Casualties are not known to date but no deaths have been recorded but many children have been treated for minor and serious burns. Winds are keeping the flames afire and spreading the inferno in all directions as the winds swirl over the vast Umpiem Mai Refugee Camp. Authorities will not be in a position to assess the number of homeless until the firefighters have managed to extinguish the fire that is still burning in many different areas of the camp.

Umpiem Mai Refugee Camp Ablaze in Tak Province…

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