Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc

Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc…

Honeywell International Inc Has Been A Top Fortune 500 Company For Decades - Image Copyright Times.Jobs.Com
Honeywell International Inc Has Been A Top Fortune 500 Company For Decades - Image Copyright Times.Jobs.Com

Honeywell Inc Has Been A Top Fortune 500 Company For Decades – Image Copyright Times.Jobs.Com

USA Politicians what is going on so far with the new Fortune 500 Number 1 company “Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc” is doing? Sorry that was such a dumb question to ask politicians who are phonys – liars – idiots – liberals – Democrats and much more…

So let us explain who understands how in just over one week “Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc” is not only the Number 1 company in USA, it also the biggest and most efficient and professional company in the world! The only people who can grasp what is happening are all the US Middle Class and the Trump voters. The rest of USA and many liberals and corrupt politicians and lawmakers around the globe are in shock as they were expecting political ducking and diving – broken promises – failed projects – mothballed plans – executive orders and the like that could not deliver in a cost effective timely manner.

Now let’s explain about a real time international business negotiation today. The mainstream media and fake news left wing press have posted report after about a “Rift” – “Crisis” – Diplomatic Breakdown” and much more and they are publishing biased sensational breaking news re Mexico – USA… 100% inaccurate politics and diplomacy is not at the center of the negotiations that is going on between Mexico and USA. Here is exactly what is going on President Trump passed an executive order to build the Mexico Border Wall plain and simple it was a business decision made by the CEO of “Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc”. The was a business step 1 plain and simple.

Then the insecure Mexico President has a hissy fit as his position is insecure in Mexico and cancels a meeting with the USA CEO!

In business that is simply and calmly referred to as contractual default – IT IS NOT an issue that has any political relevance. Big mistake by Mexico which brought this calm straight forward business response from the “Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc” CEO…

Official Quote from POTUS – President Trump – “If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting.” Quote attribution President Trump

Now that quote does not need or require Media – Press and/or Political spin!!! It is not needed and/or justified time folks got used to the contractual methods that “Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc” are adopting they are exact – professional – respectful and exactly how top Fortune 500 corporation HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC has done successfully since 1906 – 111 Years…

Who is suitable to be the next CEO of Honeywell International Inc. look no further than President Trump’s New Cabinet is packed with some of the best – brightest and smartest business brains around the globe, any one of these top business executives has the skill sets to successfully run top International Corporations the size of Honeywell International Inc…

Folks should spend more time researching on failed political governments… The world is full of failed States!

The game has changed the new way to run governments is all business… along with a minimum of political influence and the given that politicians will not be able to make unilateral decisions that are doomed to fail!

Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc…


Honeywell International Inc. – meaning – Operating Income 2015 US$6.586 billion – Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company. In 2016, Honeywell ranked 75th in the Fortune 500.Honeywell has a global workforce of approximately 130,000, of whom approximately 58,000 are employed in the United States. The company is headquartered in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Honeywell International Inc. Organizations that service USA

A.E. Petsche

AA Electric

Allied Electronics


Arrow Electronics INC

Becker Electric

CAM RPC Electronics

Carlton-Bates Company

Controller Service & Sales

Crescent Electric

Digi-Key CORP

East Coast Microwave

Electric Switches Premier

Electrical Engineering & Equipment CO

Electro Enterprises

Electro Sonic US

Electrol Supply CORP

Eoff Electric


Gopher Electronics

Hammond Electronics / EMSCO

Hughes-Peters INC

JRH Electronics INC

Kaman Industrial Technologies


Lakeland Engineering Equipment CO

Laughlin Supply Co.

Master Electronics

Midwest Region

Minarik Automation

Mouser Electronics INC

MSC Industrial Direct


Northeast Region

Online Components

Peerless Electronics

Powell Electronics

Power Signal

Ram Meter INC

RS Electronics

Sager Electronics

Satair USA

Selecta Products INC

Simcona Electronics CORP

Global Presence

Honeywell is committed to serving our customers with the best products, software and services. We understand our customers because we have operations around the world at about 1,250 sites in 70 countries. In 2015, approximately 53% of our sales are generated outside the U.S.


Honeywell’s presence in High Growth Regions (HGR) has been a key pillar of our growth over the last decade. These countries will account for half of the world’s economy by 2030, and we expect they will account for more than half our growth over the next five years.

We strive to meet demand in these fastest-growing economies through innovative local solutions that address key macro trends such as urbanization and the emergence of the middle class. As people move to cities, purchase homes and cars and travel more often, comfort, energy efficiency and security – key benefits of Honeywell technologies – become increasingly important.

Our strategy for growth in the HGR is built upon experience and proven results in China and India, where our “East-for-East” strategy allows us to locally innovate, design and manufacture products to meet the unique needs of regional customers. We have built strong regional organizations for engineering, procurement, sales and marketing that improve service to our customers, reduce our cost to serve and develop the right solutions that our customers want.

We’re also taking what we learn and applying it to an “East-to-Rest” strategy that takes these HGR innovations and quickly and efficiently tailors them for other emerging and developed markets.

Legend attribution Wikipedia.Org and Honeywell.Com

Article written by International Business Executive who worked for Honeywell International Inc. over 13 years in Bracknell – England, Zurich – Switzerland, Milan – Italy, Beirut – Lebanon, Amman – Jordan, Dammam and Riyadh – Saudi Arabia and all I have to say ” Honeywell International Inc. is a fabulous USA Company”

And watch the next 4 years as President Trump “Make America Great Again!”

Trump USA Gov 2017 Inc…

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