Trump Meaning Around The World

Trump Meaning Around The World…

So what does Trump mean around the world…

Trump Parts - Image Copyright MouthMusic.Com
Trump Parts - Image Copyright MouthMusic.Com

Trump Parts – Image Copyright MouthMusic.Com


Directions for playing Brass Trump Sets such as Dan Moi and Ho Ho

Spread the individual leaves apart into a fan. Be sure the reeds don’t hit the other trumps when plucked. It’s OK for the frame areas to overlap a bit.

Hold the group very firmly at the base where the wire ties the leaves together. Keep thumb and finger from touching the moving reeds.

Hold the group lightly to your lips, or just off the lips, and gently pluck inwards with your free hand. The flat side of the

trumps should face the audience, Beware of getting facial hair caught in the reed.

Open the mouth wide to play the group or less wide to play the individual trumps. The four leaf set may be faned into two sets of two, allowing the pairs to be played.

When moving between trumps it is good to pull the group slightly off of the lips, then reposition. Avoid sliding the instruments across the lips.

Forcing air across the trumps will increase volume and accent the fundamental, much like a steel frame trump.

MouthMusic Brass Trump Sets


Trump – meaning – Trump: a card that belongs to the group of cards that has been chosen to have the highest value – Attribution Dictionary.Cambridge.Org

Trump – meaning – Trump
1. To have superior power over.
2. To surpass or outdo.
3. When a person says “trump,” you are required to do whatever you just claimed you would do, no matter how exaggerated it was. If

you don’t do it, you get a spartan kick to the chest.
1. Bob: The president’s word trumps yours, Joe, you homeless piece of shit. When he says something it must be done.
2. Joe: Man, I’ll trump your ass in a fight!
3. Bob: I’ll eat my own shit if I don’t beat you!
Joe: Trump!
After losing the fight, Bob has to eat his own shit (or else get a spartan kick to the chest from Joe). – Attribution UrbanDictionary.Com

Trump – meaning – Trump
A reference to someone being “owned”.
“Rosie O’Donnel got Trump’d big time by the Donald!”
– Attribution UrbanDictionary.Com

Trump – meaning – Trump
Taken from the powerhouse Donald Trump, to take over.
Yale gets trumped every game, by UCONN.
– Attribution UrbanDictionary.Com

Trump – meaning – Trump
A reference to something being HUGE, grandiose or phenomenal.
“The year ’07 is going to be so TRUMP!”
– Attribution UrbanDictionary.Com

Trump – meaning – Trump
A polite way to suggest the passing of wind.
After a shit I sometimes trump!

When someone farts, comes from England, kinda.
Did someone just trump?

To fart via text or email, offensively to another person
I trump in your general direction

A fart/air biscuit or a turd/poo/feces
“I’m gonna go have a trump” “I’ve just trumped” “I just had a trump in a carrier bag behind that bush!”

A highly aged and concentrated form of Santorum.
It is thicker and more tacky than fresh santorum and has been found to have several useful purposes the most common of which is to be used as a coating on large sums of money to prevent being taken by Mexicans. Pasteurized trump is also an ingredient in many low-end hair care products.
Dude, you smell like trump and also your hair looks terrible.

To shit out of your mouth
Today Jimmy was ridiculed by his peers for trumping all over the conversation with non-factual, racist garbage.

To expel a loud, wet fart that may or may not contain excrement.
Charles wasn’t feeling well after all that Indian food and Trumped himself.

(verb) (etymology: after the real estate mogul/failed political candidate/sometime Birther Donald Trump): “to vomit words”, to speak

in a way that seems obviously nonsensical to others, or make similar unfounded accusations or assertions.
When I’m tired I trump a lot.

The expulsion of a malodorous mixture of gases from one’s anus.
After a hearty meal of beans Donald trumped, clearing the room.

A fart

In British English, particularly Northern English, a trump is a word children use to mean ‘fart’.

It can also be used as a verb, ‘to trump’, meaning ‘]to fart]’
I trumped on the Republican Presidential Candidate. Right in his stupid hair.
– Attribution UrbanDictionary.Com

On and on it goes with meaning after meaning for Trump…

So what does Trump mean around the world…

Trump Meaning Around The World…

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