Troubling Chris Froome Salbutamol Doping Case

Troubling Chris Froome Salbutamol Doping Case…

Salbutamol Inhaler - Image Copyright Mims.Com
Salbutamol Inhaler – Image Copyright Mims.Com

Delay in getting a closure on the Chris Froome doping saga, is so damaging to both professional racing cyclists and all the tens of millions of folks who enjoy cycling as both a sport and super leisure activity. Along with that is the fact that the Froome and Team Sky lawyers are doing no one any favors by dragging this case out. Delays do only one thing damage professional cycling period!

But what is equally disturbing is that major movers n shakers in the cycling world are being snubbed they include but are not limited to…

David Walsh – Sunday Times the famous journalist who outed Lance Armstrong…

David Walsh admits he no longer trusts Chris Froome as he used to in wake of adverse drugs test at Vuelta a Espana But he said that in the wake of Froome testing for double the permitted limit of the asthma drug Salbutamol during the Vuelta a Espana, which Froome went on to win, that “it leaves [Froome] with a question that will take some answering”. – Walsh data attribution Independent.Co.Uk

Greg Lemond – Legendary 3 time Tour de France winner

Lemond has commented on the Chris Froome doping case as follows..

“It’s the athlete’s responsibility for following the rules. As for the use of salbutamol, it’s up to Chris Froome to be responsible for what he puts into his body. He alone is responsible. The peloton relies on the equal application of the rules. If these are not followed, it undermines the sport.”

Froome and Team Sky have denied exceeding the permitted dosages, and their defense is likely to center on the variables in the metabolism of salbutamol…

“Give me a break,” LeMond said in blunt riposte.

“That is the most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard. If this is what he claims, then it’s simple, he broke the rules and should be punished accordingly.” – Lemond data attribution CyclingNews.Com

There are many more journalists – fans and of course many professional cyclists who ride in the main grand tour pelotons, who just want this salbutamol doping case sorting out for once and for all. All the push back is not because Chris Froome is involved that is a secondary issue Froome is dispensable and will not be around for ever. But Professional Cycling will be around for ever, hence for it to endure this Chris Froome Salbutamol case has to be resolved quickly and without ending in a cover up and/or whitewash…

Lawyers using legal spinning plates tactics of scrambling words to delay and defend a guilty or innocent verdict, are achieving nothing!

Time is up either Chris Froome is innocent and he continues racing or he is guilty of doping and is banned!

Troubling Chris Froome Salbutamol Doping Case…


If Salbutamol Inhaler is not performance enhancing then why take it in the first place? It is not as black and white as that! But rules must be rigid and adhered to, if broken a ban should be obligatory!

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