Tips For Online Vloggers

Tips For Online Vloggers…

Vlogger - Image Copyright BalkanVibe.Com
Vlogger - Image Copyright BalkanVibe.Com

Vlogger – Image Copyright BalkanVibe.Com

The public around the world have a never ending thirst for videos and vloggers…

In a competitive vertical market there is bound to be many players aiming at getting a share of the viewers. Some players will boast that only a top dog position is good enough, as in the biggest slice of the market in viewers – shares – likes – subscribers and of course making the most money! That is fine but it is a big ask and the pressure is always on as there is only one direction left at the top of the pile that is dropping down or indeed as some do, dropping off the top as fast as falling off a cliff.

Before moving on, it is worth noting that over four decades back leading USA IT companies were competing at that the time in what was a narrow customer base as computers were still been assembled in mainframe aka Big Iron used by big organizations for critical applications that required data processing… In those days there were a handful of leading players in the IT vertical marketplace and the golden marketing rule was accept that there is competition and never call out and/or disparage a competitor. The sell line was clear precise and simple vend your own product on a basis like this example…

Demonstrate to potential clients that your product has all that is offered by competitors plus – plus… But the sales team were always told to never quote a competitor by name, but use the sales pitch that say the fastest data processing speed today is X but the exciting news is that we have a technology breakthrough as the new data processing speed is X plus this extra speed plug in…

So the selling angle was WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get no frills – transparency – guaranteed functionality – fixed price – fixed period warranty and fixed timeline guarantee many life time. That worked and was unique as in those great bygone ages, when life & business still had morals and integrity.

Fast forward 2017 in any marketplace and/or business finding morals and integrity is like finding a needle in a haystack! Hence what are the Tips For Online Vloggers…

1 – Be honest…

2 – Make sure content and narrative is 100% legal.

3 – If any content NSFW – Not Safe For Work make sure the relevant content is badged with a NSFW rubric.

4 – Attempt to connect and interact with viewers.

5 – When compiling content always be aware haters – trolls and the like are just waiting to disparage and attempt to get the channel either banned and/or pulled by the vlogger.

6 – Vloggers success depends on subscribers, so always get subscribers to cover your back.

7 – Keep up to date answering the comments and look out for vile comments et al… That are best deleted.

8 – Never engage in an online argument as by joining in, the risk of getting dragged into a messy scenario is always there. If there are comments that are looking to start an online pissing contest. Just delete the comments and move on – do not engage.

9 – Always focus on making the visual and the narrative flow – no viewer is really expecting movie quality. But viewers have to get engaged and then they will share – like – subscribe and more.

10 – Repeat of point #1 be honest and do not lie… Viewers appreciate content that is real life.

Tips For Online Vloggers…


NSFW – meaning – Not Safe For Work. Used to describe Internet content generally inappropriate for the typical workplace, i.e., would not be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues (as opposed to SFW, Safe For Work). – Legend quote attribution UrbanDictionary.Com

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