Thanh Nien News Closes After 12 Years Online

Thanh Nien News Closes After 12 Years Online

Here at NewsPressed it is our ongoing policy to support and report on interesting and progressive news around the world.

Hence we get no pleasure in announcing the popular Vietnam – Thanh Nien News closes After 12 Years Online…

This very professional resource has been the go to site for the best and latest Vietnam news published in English.

Here is the official site closure notice…

Thanh Nien News
Thanh Nien News

Thanh Nien News


In 2004 we launched to bring all the latest information about Vietnam to English-speaking readers in the country
and abroad.

Twelve years later, today, with a heavy heart, we announce the closure of the website owing to our company’s major reorganization plans. From September 15, 2016, the website will no longer be updated. All the articles we have published can still be found in the Archive.

Thanks to you, dear reader, Thanh Nien News was among the most popular English-language news websites in Vietnam.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your time and attention over the past 12 years, which contributed to the website’s great success.

The Thanh Nien News team

Sad and unfortunate, suspect revenue stream or lack of enough revenue to cover overheads and salaries is the reason for closure.

Thanh Nien News Closes After 12 Years Online…

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