The NewsPressed Publishing Team:

» Editor-in-Chief
Superb lead writer and respected editor based in Spain but is a seasoned traveler where the news is hot – Peter is often to be seen on location compiling the news story

» Creative Editor
Balakrishnan Nambeesan
UK National based in London over ten years in journalism for this focused correspondent whose forefathers originated from Kerala in southern India.

» Managing Editors
Aditya Mukherjee
For Aditya we have a short resume ‘Consummate Professional’ guess that says it all!

Ajay Kapoor
Seasoned campaigner whose reporting is as lively as his hobbies which include mountain biking and rock climbing.

Ansar Ibrahim
Ansar is the guy that we have nicknamed ‘Mobile’ as he is always on the move looking, searching and more often than not finding the breaking news of the day!

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