TalkSPORT Plonker Mike Parry

TalkSPORT Plonker Mike Parry..

What A Plonker... - Image Copyright MemeCrunch.Com
What A Plonker... - Image Copyright MemeCrunch.Com

What A Plonker… – Image Copyright MemeCrunch.Com

Mike Parry what a jerk!

Mike Parry TalkSPORT what a plonker!

Insulting Mike Parry what an idiot!

How dare a talking mouth know all – read – know f**k all, kick off on live radio TalkSPORT and blatantly disparage a top professional golfer Andrew ‘Beef’Johnson.

Who? What gives Mike Parry the right to demean Andrew ‘Beef’Johnson? This lowlife egosticical self serving nobody called out the golfer right as Andrew ‘Beef’Johnson was playing in the middle of the British Open Golf Championship.

But the good news Andrew ‘Beef’Johnson retorted back at Mike Parry calling him a – Dickhead – Sad and Pathetic!

Hey Rupert Murdoch it is well documented that you cannot stand fools… Time for you to get one of the TalkSPORT honchos to give Mike Parry the bullet!!!

Mike Parry you are a nauseating excuse of a broadcaster! Get off the air you Plonker – Dickhead as you are a sad pathetic idiot.

Mike Parry if you have any problem with this article! Guess what keep your big insulting mouth shut then no one would be prompted to call you out – for what you are a Plonker – Dickhead a sad pathetic idiot.

Shut the f**k up you out of touch insensitive jerk!

TalkSPORT Plonker Mike Parry…

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