Super Yacht ‘La Belle’ by Lidia Bersani

Super Yacht La Belle by Lidia Bersani

Modern days business Moguls – Taipans – Czars – Oligarchs and the like having that much money they do not know what to spend it on…

Of course most do NOT care and/or indeed know that almost half of the world is starving!

Why should they care, even if they have an argument or row with their – wife – girlfriend – mistress or whatever…

They can always keep the relationship afloat – easy shower gifts around. Or better still buy them a super yacht like the super luxury

‘La Belle’

Super Yacht ‘La Belle’ – Image Copyright UAEStyleMagazine.Com

After all for any of your average Moguls – Tai-Pans – Czars – Oligarchs a floating palace like La Belle will only set one back…

Say $100 Million US Dollars or a $100 Million US Dollars more for extras, never mind about the price . This is kick ass money to billionaires

La Belle – Designed in Monaco by Lidia Bersani. The opulence has no boundaries and who cares if a design modification costs an odd $1 Million USD – $5 Million USD or $10 Million USD.

After all who cares about anything with these high rollers – Quote – Dear! All that matters is that it looks better than so and so’s yacht – after all we are that poor, that we can only afford the best!”

Three glasses of “Veuve Clicquot ” champagne later

Veuve Clicquot Champagne
Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Veuve Clicquot Champagne

On the SMS to ‘Darling’ – message – “Darling I am quite typsy on champagne today and I feel that you should pay to have the yacht painted another color – thanks I love you too much!”

Don’t believe it happens like this? It does!!!

Super Yacht ‘La Belle’ by Lidia Bersani…


Lidia Bersani – meaning – I design only unique, outstanding, high Luxury Interiors in Apartments, Villas and Yachts.

My style is characterized by light colors and opulence of finishing.

I only design warm and light interiors, full of decorations, sometimes I refer a bit to classical interiors, sometimes to more modern, but they are always standing out, well finished, warm, and leaving an impression.

What is important in my design; the colors – I use only light colors from white through ivory and creamy to light beige, often I add gold, pearls or Swarovski crystals and natural furs – that’s what characterizes my interiors.

Some say I design very feminine interiors, but its not women that are the majority of my clients.

We are located in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in the heart of Europe, but we design and sell my unique interiors for clients for all the World.

If you are interested in some design, interior, or some furniture, lamps or only decorations from our Collections, please contact us for further information. – Attribution LidiaBersani.Com

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