Stunned by UK Police Witch Hunt after Glitter – Savile – Starr et al

Gary Glitter
The UK Police have a lot of explaining to do of late! First we have had the endless News International Phone Hacking scandal which has been a monumental botch up from the get go by the London Metropolitan Police.

Now for over a month the ugly side of unjust justice has resurfaced as many different Police Forces have patronized the tabloid press by dubious public arrests of Gary Glitter and now this week we have seen comedian Freddie Starr arrested by the Police under the watchful eye of TV cameras and the paparazzi. First and foremost until proven guilty both Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr are innocent.

So why all the sensational public arrests of these very high profile celebrities, easy it is all done to supposedly enhance the reputation of the Police in the eyes of Joe Public. Well as a directive focused right to the heart of the Police establishment – Your actions are disgraceful and play no part in a free and open society moreover you have little to zero percent chance of getting a guilty prosecution proven against Gary Glitter and/or Jimmy Savile and/or Freddie Starr.

Hence why have you the Police publically abused – disparaged and outright accused all these celebrities Gary Glitter and/or Jimmy Savile and/or Freddie Starr of being sex perverts and pedophiles…

I am embarrassed and bemused by the arrogant – irresponsible and downright illegal public arrests being executed by the Police while every man and his dog stands and gawks at these humiliating public lynching charades.

Good Luck to Gary Glitter – Freddie Starr trust you will be exonerated and thereafter will prosecute the Police for unlawful arrest. To the late Jimmy Savile quite simply – RIP!

Stunned by UK Police Witch Hunt after Glitter – Savile – Starr et al…

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