Sri Lanka MoH to Regulate Quality of Drugs


Sri Lanka


Saturday, March 10, 2012

There has been a spate of recent infant deaths in Sri Lanka that raised Government concern about the type and quality of drugs being used in medical centers and hospitals around the country. The deaths revolve around a pregnant mother’s death in a maternity hospital due to low quality drugs, and similar instances relating to deaths in infant children.

To prevent and hopefully prevent reoccurrences the SL Government are setting up an Authority to handle the issues and the problems in drug control and management.

Referring to the official line from the Ministry of Health – quote –‘The Health Ministry has decided to implement the Drugs Regulatory Standards Authority Act aiming to maintain a high standard to provide high quality drugs to the public.’

A new draft bill has been prepared called  – ‘Drugs Regulatory Standards Authority Bill’

A ‘National Drugs Regulatory Standards Authority’ will be set up to implement the new act. Welcome to Ministry of Health – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka MoH to Regulate Quality of Drugs…

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