Sochi Olympic Ski Venue Credited as “World Class”



Friday, February 10, 2012

For decades Russia have been lauded and admired for their excellence in sports competitors and sports venues of international profile and standard.

Hence it comes as no surprise to hear that Sochi the venue for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games having unveiled the ski slopes and instantaneously the first test runs have generated this feedback – from – Vancouver gold medalist Bode Miller – quote –  ‘Sochi’s Olympic ski venue is “world class” and as good a competition destination as any on the World Cup tour.’ – more – “The venue, the mountain, is world class. It’s as nice as any of the places we ever go,” – more – “I think it’s going to be amazing to host the Olympics here. I hope that they really do as good a job as they can because the Olympics is the perfect opportunity to showcase a venue, an area, a culture and country, and I think Russia right now is very due for that.” – more –  “A lot of people still have a lot of misconceptions about the area, and they don’t think of ski areas when they think of Russia. So this will be a really amazing chance to show the world what your country is.”

Wow! What a reference well done to all the Russian Olympics Team in Sochi!

The first ever events opens on the Sochi ski slopes this weekend for The FIS Alpine Ski World Cup.

Sochi Olympic Ski Venue Credited as “World Class”…

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