Sexual Misconduct Is Rife In USA

Sexual Misconduct Is Rife In USA…

Sexual Harassment - Image Copyright BetaNews.Com
Sexual Harassment - Image Copyright BetaNews.Com

Sexual Harassment – Image Copyright BetaNews.Com

The rubric is how the mainstream lamestream media are screaming off the roof tops that this man is a sexual pervert. So and so is a sex predator – this movie director is a sex pervert – this politician is a rapist – this rock star is sexting… On and on it goes day after day and the main question that must be upheld…

Nobody is guilty until proven guilty!!!

But what happens in USA is that day after day sex accusations hit the TV stations and press media… Then begins the process of ripping apart the accused destroying careers – families – business – lifestyle – and in some very disturbing circumstances leading to loss of life and suicide…

Everyone in USA knows that the democratic governments of western countries believe in an unrelenting policy of imposing misery on all residents of each country… This is wrong – wrong – wrong and has to be purged and removed from all governments. The public has the right to influence on how they are treated both in life – in work and at home.

But now the world has a new problem that has to be proved before anyone and everyone is destroyed because some bogus liar and/or liars makes accusations of Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Harassment!

Today – one single TV breaking news – one press report – one internet post is enough to destroy the lives of many!!! What is fair about that if the accused is in fact innocent and is the victim of some deviant lying and getting paid by magazines and tabloids for selling a false news story that brings in massive ad revenue for the publisher while at the same time the lying low life gets handsomely paid for a story that is a LIE! Leading to the life of the accused being instantly destroyed.

There has to be a more fair way of treating people…

Sexual Misconduct Is Rife In USA…


All Proven Guilty Offences of Sexual Misconduct – meaning – Must be dealt with rapidly by the US courts and the guilty must be harshly penalized and when applicable sent to prison.

All Proven Guilty Offences of Sexual Harassment – meaning – As above applies

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