Saudi Man Gets One Year Jail for Sex with Uzbek Prostitute in Dubai

Umm Suqeim
UAE – United Arab Emirates

Here we go again another man arrested in Dubai for having sex, albeit this time it is a Saudi Arabian man and the sex was with a consenting Uzbek prostitute…

But never less the circumstances might well have been an agreed sexual intercourse tied in with a monetary payment to the girl prostitute. But these last few years in Dubai UAE any type of sex outside marriage is frowned upon, hence any casual or unmarried couples caught having sex by the Dubai Police are likely to be prosecuted and if found guilty, dealt with very severely.

Here are the details as reported by the Dubai Police – quote – A 32 Saudi Arabian man has been jailed for one year after having sex with a prostitute in a Dubai hotel. – more – The SA man claimed he only hired her for a massage – more – The 34-year-old Usbek woman was jailed for three years after admitting prostitution as per the Dubai Court of First Instance.
But that was not all another unexpected charge was that both the SA man and the Uzbek prostitute were sentenced to an additional one month in jail for drinking alcohol.

Caveat Emptor

Dubai Laws

• Sex outside of marriage is illegal and people risk prosecution, imprisonment, a fine or deportation if they are found guilty.

• It is also against the law for unmarried people of the opposite sex to share a hotel room unless they are closely related.

Saudi Man Gets One Year Jail for Sex with Uzbek Prostitute in Dubai…

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