Rebuilding Inner Cities – San Francisco

Rebuilding Inner Cities – San Francisco…

Map of San Francisco - Image Copyright MapsOf.Net
Map of San Francisco - Image Copyright MapsOf.Net

Map of San Francisco – Image Copyright MapsOf.Net

Rebuilding Inner Cities – San Francisco…

Really needs no introduction as to the upside of this great American city suffice to say would be injustice to not include San Francisco as one of the world’s greatest cities. However like many high profile locations it has hidden secrets along with often ignored and/or overlooked problems.

But in the near future thanks to mandate issues laid down by President-elect Trump namely the rebuilding of rundown and crime ridden neighborhoods in major cities throughout the USA – United States of America.

Here are some not all of the areas in San Francisco that need rebuilding…

Mission Neighborhood

Stronghold of many Mexican gangs Sureños, Sur 13, or Sureños X3. Spanish gangs like The Norteños aka The Northeners. African-American gangs like the Crips. Mission neighborhood needs major infrastructure redevelopment which will have been implemented with sensitivity that ensures that the rebuilding matches the needs of the existing residents.

Many community upgrade problems have gone wrong around the globe when a poor area is turned into an opulent area then overnight existing residents cannot afford the new high rents and any new vendors who move into the area selling expensive goods etc. What happens then is the original residents are forced to move out, which may lead to even greater social issues like making the original folks homeless and/or drifters and the like…

Tenderloin Neighborhood

Sometimes referred to as Little Saigon populated by a large Vietnamese diaspora who have been residing in San Francisco for decades.

Any rebuilding of this area will be fraught with problems which can be avoided by integrating the Vietnamese community leaders into the rebuilding process in the Tenderloin Neighborhood.

Bayview-Hunters Point aka The Bayview Neighborhood

Nationally recognized as an extreme poverty area with many residents unemployed and/or retired and dependent on pension payments. The area is multi national with many African-American families. Around 12% of the residents in the Bayview receive public assistance income. Along with all the social problems come gangs – drugs – violence and a raft of other crimes that proliferate in many poverty stricken all over the world.

Rebuilding Inner Cities – San Francisco…

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