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Quote from QROPSpecialists.Com – As an expat abroad, you need to explore your options. It may be best to leave your pension in the UK, but for those with larger pensions, it is often best to transfer to another jurisdiction, outside of the UK tax net. For certain countries, notably Australia and New Zealand it is best to transfer to those countries. But, for other countries such as Thailand, it is often best to transfer your pension to a more tax neutral jurisdiction such as Gibraltar and have your income paid into the local bank of the country you live in.

So, you could live in Thailand or Spain, but have a QROPS in Malta or Gibraltar.

UK Pension Transfers – British Expats QROPS

QROPS – UK Pension Transfers – British Expats…


QROPS – meaning – ‘Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension ‘ – Attribution to QROPSpecialists.Com

UK Expats – meaning – ‘QROPS Specialists is owned by Richard Malpass who is an independent financial advisor with a degree in economics from the University of Bristol in the UK. He has lived in Thailand for the last 14 years. QROPS Specialists is a specialist division of Credenda Associates in Bangkok, Thailand and services clients in Asia. A QROPS, QNUPS and SIPPs pension transfer division working with private and corporate clients in the Asian region. Offshore company set up and corporate banking also available. Testimonials upon request. We endeavour to provide you with the best QROPS specialists’ advice possible.’ – Attribution to QROPSpecialists.Com

UK Pension Transfers – meaning – ‘Our advisers will make sure you receive clear, concise advice so that you can make an informed decision about whether to transfer your hard earned pension into a QROPS. It is our job to simplify the process for you.’ – Attribution to QROPSpecialists.Com

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