Puzzled – How USA Is Always The Best!

Puzzled – How USA Is Always The Best!

Breaking News The People Don't Believe Our Bullshit Anymore CNN - Image Copyright WatcherOfWeasels.Org
Breaking News The People Don't Believe Our Bullshit Anymore CNN - Image Copyright WatcherOfWeasels.Org

Breaking News The People Don’t Believe Our Bullshit Anymore CNN – Image Copyright WatcherOfWeasels.Org

This rubric is really confusing as this is what has been said USA is best at the last few days since the Las Vegas Massacre…

What has been voiced by the press and TV media USA has and/or is the best at…

1 – Las Vegas best entertainment center in the world. Wrong many other places outside USA are better.

2 – USA has the best serial and/or mass killers. True – fact!

3 – USA has the best first responders in the world! Really has that statement been verified.

4 – USA has the best doctors in the world. Hong Kong doctors will make them look amateur, that is to name just one better!

5 – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is the best in the world! Umm, is no USA official body ever anything other than the best.

6 – USA has the best and most folks who know how to fire guns in the world! Mind boggling statement.

7 – USA have the best district sheriffs in the world. Really what an accolade.

8 – USA has best gun manufacturers in the world. Really how is any gun from USA better than a Kalishnikov.

9 – USA makes the best computers in the world. Wrong they are all made in the Orient and badged “Made in USA.”

10 – USA has the best reporters in the world. Wrong there is only one best from USA reporter, singular, and it is Lionel Nation!

11 – USA has the best press and TV media in the world. Wrong ask President Trump to confirm!

12 – USA has the most and best gun shops in the world. Right! What a badge of respect and honor that is.

13 – USA is the source for the best fake news in the world. Right – right – right and one more time right!

14 – USA has the best fair and balanced Democracy in the world! The rest of the globe do not think so, and less than 50% of the USA voters think so.

15 – USA has the best conspiracy theorists in the world. Right and they even invented the words “Conspiracy Theorist”

16 – Reported in the phony press and TV media the Las Vegas Massacre killer “Had an intimate knowledge of the second amendment!” how bizarre and misleading is that, crikey the second amendment is 27 words long. Why embellish the killer to be some sort of genius! Oh wait a minute we get it. America has the best education in the world, guess that with it being the best education one has to assume that only a very few US people have a level of education to understand what 27 words mean and/or say.

17 – The LV mass killer’s girlfriend Marilou Danley knows zilch, but that is standard reaction from Filipinas as in the case of Marilou Danley at 62 years of age she is a product of folks brought up in the days of the delusional President of Philippines Fernando Marcos. He ruled as a dictator under martial law from 1972 until 1981. Most people who originate from the Philippines are brainwashed from a young age to be god fearing. Many are submissive – cunning and the very best at manipulating people over money.

Many folks from the Philippines will sell their soul just as long as they can get their hands on money! Money rules and this lady Marilou Danley will have known all the tricks to get her hands on money hand outs courtesy of the manic mass killer Stephen Paddock.

18 – Reports coming in that some of the armory bought by Stephen Paddock was manufactured by Tannerite. Surprise – surprise Tannerite are the best of gun makers – Quote – “Reactive Rifle target manufacturers at Tannerite Sports, LLC provide the best reactive binary rifle targets in the United States of America (USA).” – Quote attribution Tannerite.Com

19 – The US authorities are mystified about the motive behind the Las Vegas Massacre killer. One of the reasons they are frustrated is because they undertake and execute the best background profiling and checks in the world. Really just so dumbf**kery unbelievable what are these folks on crack cocaine!

20 – Finally why is the USA best at everything? Outside of the USA the answer folks have is that they have no idea, why the USA is the best at everything. The world watches the USA from afar safe in the knowledge that they are so pleased that the best of life always happens in the USA. USA a sick society full of great people who do not deserve t to be brainwashed into believing the USA is always the best! There are so many things that are fundamentally flawed – dangerous and harmful making life unstable and unpredictable for all the great folks who live inside the best country in the world!

Time for a rain check – reality check – change of lifestyle – change of government – change the phony face of democracy which is in fact an iron grip mask of dictatorship.

The horror of the Las Vegas Massacre was avoidable. The people of USA know that and now the morons in the Washington Swamp have to step up, face up to and accept responsibility. We base it on being avoidable not on a political position, but on being straight forward decent – caring – humility – morals and respect for fellow human beings.

Lionel Nation Right Here! – Right Now!

#LasVegasShooting #DeepState #FalseFlag Suspicions — Lionel on “Real News With David Knight”

Lionel Nation #LasVegasShooting #DeepState #FalseFlag Suspicions — Lionel on “Real News With David Knight”

Puzzled – How USA Is Always The Best!


Lionel Nation - Image Copyright GodsCreate.Com
Lionel Nation - Image Copyright GodsCreate.Com

Lionel Nation – Image Copyright GodsCreate.Com

Lionel Nation – meaning – Lionel is “[a]n intellectual known for his irreverent political and social humor.” Attribution Newsweek.
“He wears the mantle of Lenny Bruce, with Lenny’s own tropisms: The Oblique, The Irreverent, The Tangential, The Concupiscent, The Polymorphous Perverse, The Arcane, The Numinous. And yet Lionel brings to the table his own savory: A love of the mother tongue and a gonzo vocabulary that puts his logo on all his works, whether talk-show hosting, standup-comic spritzing, or hanging out – with himself a minor art form.” Attribution Jerry Wexler. – Quotes attribution LionelMedia.Com

Tannerite – meaning – Tannerite is the brand name of a patented exploding target used for firearms practice, sold in kit form and containing the components of a binary explosive. The explosive comprises a combination of ammonium nitrate and/or ammonium perchlorate (oxidizers), and a fuel – primarily aluminum powder – that is supplied as two separate powders that are mixed by the user. The combination is relatively stable when subjected to forces less severe than a high-velocity bullet impact, such as a hammer blow, being dropped, or impact from a low-velocity bullet or shotgun blast. It is also not flammable – an explosion cannot be created by a burning fuse or electricity. Because it is sold as two separate powders, it can be transported and sold in many places without the legal restrictions that would otherwise apply to explosives. The target system as a whole is the patented, trademarked product called Tannerite, although the term is often used to refer to the explosive mixture itself, and other combination explosives are often generically referred to as Tannerite. – Quote attribution Wikipedia.Org

NewsPressed Editor – meaning – I have worked and lived in communist – military juntas – dictatorships having spent over 13 years living in Lebanon – Syria – Jordan – Saudi Arabia – UAE aka United Arab Emirates. 18 years living and working in Hong Kong – Macau aka Macao – PRC aka People’s Republic Of China aka China – Taiwan – Cambodia – Singapore – Indonesia – Malaysia – Thailand. During my working life have managed thousands of Filipinos who were working for the USA Fortune 100 company I was employed by for 13 years.

Furthermore as most folks know in the Orient in places like Malaysia – Hong Kong – Macau aka Macau – Singapore it is very common to find Filipina women working as maids and home helps in these locations. Take for example on Sundays in Hong Kong – Central district is teeming with Filipina maids out and about on their day off, most of these girls are on look out to find a new guy with money. They always express and present their life as been down trodden and that they are all poor. It is often a charade many can deceive by lying and deception. Take my experience for what it is worth over 31 years living in communist based societies enjoying much more freedom and privacy than any phony democracy known in the so called advanced fair and balanced democracies of the west.


Who Brainwashed The Filipinos – meaning – Well for sure it would not be the Americans who took over the Philippines during the Vietnam War 1 November 1955 to 30 April 1975. Of course it would be naive and stupid to think USA had any influence on the Philippines as they only occupied the country for 20 years. Needless to say the childhood years of Marilou Danley were those exact years 1955 to 1975 but the USA would be the first to say USA did not brainwash and/or influence anybody and/or anything in the Philippines. The very thought that when the US soldiers took R&R in Naval Base Subic Bay – Clark Air Base in Angeles City and the United States Navy located in Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines. None of the 1000’s of US military that were either stationed or used R&R in the Philippines ever used the young Filipina women for sex, that would never happen would it, as we all are told US military are the best in the world. Concluding with the narrative that all USA military have very high morals and would never go to a country abroad and have sex with young women and folks would anyone dare say all the women got paid for sex. Ask any Washington Swamp politician on an opinion written here it would be all brushed under the carpet as False News – Lies – Conspiracy or maybe some dumbf**kery new denial phrase they can come up with, just as long as the chosen words are hot buttons that would send the lamestream – mainstream media into frenzy!

American Guns – meaning – Guns are like All American Apple Pie the very best!

All American Apple Pie - Image Copyright PaigeHemmis.Com
All American Apple Pie - Image Copyright PaigeHemmis.Com

All American Apple Pie – Image Copyright PaigeHemmis.Com

NB – It is very important to note that all the people lost in the Las Vegas Massacre deserve to be remembered as heroes and speaking on behalf of the rest of the world, one has to hope that lifetime support and if necessary financial donations are made available from the dysfunctional US government in perpetuity to delete at least one worry that the lost one’s families face going forward. In respect to the hundreds wounded and injured a full and speedy recovery including no PTSD nightmare flashbacks.

Puzzled – How USA Is Always The Best!

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