Pune to Nashik – Karad to Chiplun Rail Links Maharashtra Government




Friday, March 09, 2012

Two new railway lines are going to get investment revenue from the Maharashtra Government for the :-

  • Pune to Nashik Rail Links
  • Karad to Chiplun Rail Links connectimg Western Maharashtra and Konkan

The two lines combined cover a distance of 265km and the Maharashtra Government have stepped into finance the project. This progressive news is welcomed by the authorities in both Pune and Nashik as both these fast developing cities are enjoying expanding economies which are sure to be enhanced and increase trade and commerce in the region once the two rail links are fully operational.

The new en route corridor will create new opportunities for SMEs and large commercial service providers and needless to say the fat cat industrial conglomerates will be assessing new locations to build and establish out of town industrial estates and complexes.

Pune Factfile

Population more than 3.1 million people

GDP – 46000 INR – $920 USD Circa 2010

Nashik Factfile

Population more than 1.6 million people circa 2010

Nashik is vibrant rapidly expanding community and economy and is referred by locals as the Wine Capital of India

Suffice to say we are all excited by these new developments as the HQ for NewsPressed is located in the Bund Garden Road district of Pune.

Pune to Nashik – Karad to Chiplun Rail Links Maharashtra Government…

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