Professional Cycling and Therapeutic Use Exemptions – TUE

Professional Cycling and Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE

Therapeutic Use Exemptions - TUE - Image Copyright TheUIAA.Org
Therapeutic Use Exemptions - TUE - Image Copyright TheUIAA.Org

Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE – Image Copyright TheUIAA.Org


Professional cycling for decades has experienced problems with doping, but to keep things on short term memory recall. Let’s just look at drugs in professional cycling over the last 20 years.

The Festina team drug scandal in the late nineties naming top riders Richard Virenque and others…

Festina Affair 1998 Tour de France

The Festina team hotel rooms and team transport fleet as in cars – wagons – buses – motorbikes etc were raided by the drug inspectors. In one Festina cycling team car a stash of drugs was found resulting in the whole Festina team being expelled from the 1998 Tour de France. The two star riders on the team Richard Virenque and Pascal Herve never admitted guilt, but many other riders, and team officials were banned. Years later Pascal Herve admitted to doping and Richard Virenque received a 9 month ban and heavy fine.

Lance Armstrong in the late 90’s and from 2000 to 2009

The biggest doping scandal is sport ever ritual doping day in day out involving Lance Armstrong and his team riders, officials,doctors and more… But everyone knows it is an unfair world and Lance Armstrong was banned for life from any sports event that includes cycling anywhere in the world. But as years have passed since Lance Armstrong got his life ban, it has come to light that it is likely that over 90% plus of the professional cycling peloton riding on the World Tour were and/or are doping.

Hence many believe that the life ban on Lance Armstrong is a ‘nonsense’! He has been made a scapegoat for others.

Other cases from 1996 to 2016

Many cases and several bans handed down to team officials,doctors,facilitators, riders and the like! It is ongoing and is unlikely to go away any time soon!

Why is drug taking and doping NOT going to go away in Professional Road Race Cycling and Track Cycling?

Here is why because the riders and the team doctors have a get out clause that turns a doper into a clean (as in drug free) cyclist aka pro rider.

Here is the duplicity and sinister work around to STOP (or enable, you decide) doping and drug taking that officials and controlling bodies have come up with.

Professional Cycling and Therapeutic Use Exemptions – TUE

So here is the devious way a top rider and a team doctor collude together to enable the star rider to win a Big Tour event ala Giro de Italia – Tour de France – Vuelta a Espana…

We are not going to name names because pro cycling turns over billions of dollars $$$$$$$$ a year.The team leaders and the elite team riders become multi millionaires within only 2 to 3 years max on the World Tour. So hence with such vast sums of money being involved then anyone who names these riders and doctors is going to be drowned in legal writs and court orders and the like.

But here is how it is done a few days before a Grand Tour event Giro de Italia – Tour de France – Vuelta a Espana, one of the favorites to win will have a ‘Medical Episode’

This is what happens the rider says he is experiencing a panic Asthma attack and in collusion with the cycling team doctor applies for Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE. All that the governing bodies require to issue the Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE is a doctor’s certificate! Of course the doctor’s certificate is there ‘all ready and waiting’ because the doctor is the Team Doctor of the rider’s professional cycling team.

Right now the have the ‘green light’ to dope the rider they inject the race favorite with a steroid base substance which immediately takes affect and stops the Asthma attack. But this is the problem the injected steroid also artificially boosts the performance capability of the riders body! How do we know? Easy we have it from the ‘horses mouth’ in quote – Michael Rasmussen referring to a drug used for treating Asthma – ‘You have the obvious effects of weight loss and increased sensation of stamina and postponing your fatigue. It is a very effective and powerful drug. It’s a game-changer. It’s not like EPO when you have to take it for a long time before you feel an effect. It has an immediate effect.’ that is a newspaper clip from the Daily Mail

Then surprise – surprise the rider who is riding a Grand Tour event Giro de Italia – Tour de France – Vuelta a Espana while at the same time riding with the aid of drugs legally as the rider has the Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE card which allow him to take drugs.

What happens next?

The rider of course WINS THE RACE!!!!!

So now we all know why there is NO DOPING – NO DRUG TAKING in Professional Road Race Cycling!!!…

Professional Cycling and Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE…


Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE – meaning – USADA therapeutic use exemption (TUE) information for Athletes with medical needs for prohibited substances. Determine if you need a TUE and apply here. – Attribution USADA.Org

Medical Episode – meaning – Dumbf**kery word that crawled out of the trash can in the crazy world of modern day press.Medical Episode was the condition used to describe Hillary Clinton when she had to make an unscheduled exit from a 9/11 remembrance event. The Medical Episode turned out to be that Hillary Clinton was suffering from pneumonia. This case alone stands out in showing what a phony world it is – when a public figure like Hillary Clinton wants to hide pneumonia and simply try to brush it off as a meaningless and irrelevant Medical Episode – Content Research NewsPressed.Com

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