Press Spin & Sensationalize Stories To Get More – Views – Visitors

Press Spin & Sensationalize Stories To Get More – Views – Visitors…

Flynn Will Talk On Russia In Return For Immunity From Prosecution - Image Copyright Matzav.Com
Flynn Will Talk On Russia In Return For Immunity From Prosecution - Image Copyright Matzav.Com

Flynn Will Talk On Russia In Return For Immunity From Prosecution – Image Copyright Matzav.Com

So reading the news on Saturday, April 01 2017…


Pictures of Brad Pitt in The Daily Mail with the rubric – “Worringly Gaunt Face Of Brad Pitt” – Attribution DailyMail.Co.Uk. What happens next is viewers – visitors clamor – shouting out loud to buddies ‘hey click on this story to read the content.’ So the story then goes viral bringing in tens of thousands of UK pounds and US Dollars of advertising revenue.

Then they leave that rubric aka header up for a few hours to drag in internet traffic then they go one better with this explosive headline…

“EXCLUSIVE: Gaunt Brad Pitt looks a shadow of his former self in shock new pictures as split from Angelina Jolie takes a toll” – Attribution DailyMail.Co.Uk.

The Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: Gaunt Brad Pitt Looks A Shadow Of His Former Self

One has to wonder whether the storyline will keep changing throughout the day, because by doing so will get more and more online website traffic

But here is the kicker look more closely at the pics and although Brad Pitt appears to have lost some weight of late, in the eyes of many people he appears super fit and gives the look n feel that he has been taking care of his diet and has been working out on a regular basis!

So here at NewsPressed we are going to say – “Brad Pitt Is Out And About Looking Great!”


General Michael Flynn immersed in the Russian Connection saga that is so highly politicized that he has offered to give evidence to a government hearing on the grounds that when giving evidence he will be granted immunity from prosecution. Now the loony left wing press and TV broadcasters have jumped all over the word “Immunity.” Such is the media circus that the loony press are waxing lyrical and trying to convince their viewers – readers et al. With this interpretation of “Immunity” General Michael Flynn must be guilty of a criminal offense because he is Republican so he is without question guilty.

The accusations being bandied around have no substance – evidence – facts, all the liberal press are doing is politically manipulating the word “Immunity.”

Hey folks today is April Fool’s Day, hence have we been had!

Press Spin & Sensationalize Stories To Get More – Views – Visitors…


Immunity from Prosecution – legal meaning – Immunity from Prosecution

State and federal statutes may grant witnesses immunity from prosecution for the use of their testimony in court or before a grand jury. Sometimes, the testimony of one witness is so valuable to the goals of crime prevention and justice that the promise of allowing that witness to go unpunished is a fair trade. For example, a drug dealer’s testimony that could help law enforcement to destroy an entire illegal drug-manufacturing network is more beneficial to society than is the prosecution of that lone drug dealer.

Although the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grants witnesses a Privilege against Self-Incrimination, the U.S. Supreme Court has permitted prosecutors to overcome this privilege by granting witnesses immunity. Prosecutors have the sole discretion to grant immunity to witnesses who appear before a grand jury or at trial.

States employ one of two approaches to prosecutorial immunity: Use immunity prohibits only the witness’s compelled testimony, and evidence stemming from that testimony, from being used to prosecute the witness. The witness still may be prosecuted so long as the prosecutor can obtain other physical, testimonial, or Circumstantial Evidence apart from the witness’s testimony. Transactional immunity completely immunizes the witness from prosecution for any offense to which the testimony relates.

Congressional committees have the power to grant testimonial immunity to witnesses who testify before members of Congress. Congressional investigations into allegations of misconduct—such as the Watergate investigations in the 1970s and the iran-contra investigations in the 1980s—rely heavily on witness testimony. Whereas prosecutors simply decide whether to grant immunity to a witness, congressional committees must follow more formal procedures. Immunity may be granted only after a two-thirds majority vote by members of the committee. Ten days before the immunized testimony is given, the committee must advise the Justice Department or the Independent Counsel of its intention to grant immunity. Legend quote attribution Legal Dictionary at TheFreeDictionary.Com

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