President Trump Begins To Convert His Skeptics

President Trump Begins To Convert His Skeptics…

Laura Ingraham Considering Virginia State Run To Replace Tim Kaine - Image Copyright TruthFeed.Com
Laura Ingraham Considering Virginia State Run To Replace Tim Kaine - Image Copyright TruthFeed.Com

Laura Ingraham Considering Virginia State Run To Replace Tim Kaine – Image Copyright TruthFeed.Com

Thank goodness President Trump is living up to not being a politician. The sure fire way to fail is be a politician and President Trump is astute and experienced enough to know that.The US 2016 Election was won on promises to run the USA as a business putting the people and the country first. Political posturing and self serving lobbying was not on the mandate and the US Middle Class and Trump supporters want USA to be run one way only, that is a business creating revenue and jobs – jobs and more jobs.

So how is President Trump doing so far and on the International front a resounding thumbs up as the first meeting with UK Prime Minister May exceeded all expectations. The newly elected US President turned on the charm and displayed his legendary wit to win over Madam Theresa May. The UK press that is noted for it’s belligerence and feisty reporting gave the meeting very favorable reports.

This in itself is a win – win situation as the UK press are prone to outbursts of petulance and bizarre childlike rants. The UK red top tabloids sell in volume when the headlines are bawdy – catty and derogatory. This Saturday headlines are complementary. Well done President Trump your first meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May went down really well in UK!!!

Some independent pundits are saying President Trump as done more in 7 days since any President since Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th President of the United States…

That all helps the President Trump and his cabinet to think, we are aware of all the bad press and the vitriolic opposition but we are going to maintain our position. Running the USA helping people and creating jobs – jobs and more jobs is all about making business decisions that put America first! Most of the President Trump team are strictly working and focused on business with no politics involved in the business plans. This is the way forward and keeps tight control over the business models – plans and timelines et al.

That moves the agenda onto who in the President Trump team is taking care of politics? This is a surprise to many finding the unexpected strength in basically what is a four man team led by Vice President Mike Pence – Chief of Staff Reince Priebus – Paul Ryan Speaker of the United States House of Representatives – Mitch McConnell Majority Leader of the Senate… How will this team perform to get all the bills passed through the House and the Senate? Expect some fireworks and long hard battles with Chuck Schumer Senate Minority Leader and the rest of the Democrats.

What other issues are there to deal with one week into the new Presidency? The press and media, oh yes they are there and going nowhere literally they hate President Trump and anything to do with Republicans…

President Trump has another small team including (but not limited to) – Sean Spicer – Kellyanne Conway – Steve Bannon to bash and disparage the mealy mouthed press and media

How to bash and ridicule the press and media with help from outsiders?

Fox News and some real stalwart long term supporters like Rudy Giuliani – Newt Gingrich – Sean Hannity – Laura Ingraham – Ann Coulter – Eric Bolling and many more. Have no fears in respect to outsiders who are in support of President Trump, expect many more to come on board in the coming months ahead.

President Trump Begins To Convert His Skeptics…

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