President Donald Trump First 100 Days

President Donald Trump First 100 Days…

President Trump First 100 Days - Image Copyright WorldNow.Com
President Trump First 100 Days - Image Copyright WorldNow.Com

President Trump First 100 Days – Image Copyright WorldNow.Com

Hardly an original rubric after all the mainstream and lamestream press and media are all over the same story. But most reviews are in the main negative as that is the norm from the super negative Democrats! One of the biggest problems (there are many) set for the incoming Team Trump is that the bloodied Democrats could never come to terms the fact that ‘Crooked Hillary’ got beat in the 2016 USA General Election. The first Democrat attack on President Trump was the devious plan to attach a conspiracy as in there existed a very friendly alliance between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, the purpose of this was an attempt to get President Trump prosecuted for crimes against the state and some diehard Democrat fools even get President Trump impeached… This charade of Democratic bile has been loaded against Team Trump endlessly day after day – it just never stops…

But this failed plot by the Democrats has been very damaging to the safety and welfare of the USA – United States Of America. Why? Because the stronger the bond between USA and Russia the world will be a safer place. But the Democrats had no interest in the wellbeing of the USA and the neglected Joe Public of the USA. The best solution USA and Russia should be friends, but hey what good is that to the influential arms companies all who are on the Democratic sponsorship bandwagon. Fact the USA political swamp is a war machine strangled – influenced and beholden to the major weapons manufacturers who are all stakeholders in what happens in US government policy. They finance the Democrat party plowing in hundreds of millions of dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ a year in the coffers of the Democrat Party and all the self serving corrupt politicians therein…

So what did the President Donald Trump First 100 Days bring in?

A rejuvenated and bouyant stock exchange showing growth in all verticals.

A stronger US economy.

New Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

More jobs growth.

More capital investment in business infrastructure – plants and machinery.

Tighter immigration control.

Plus many more…

What did Team Trump not achieve?

Let’s not go there 100 days is a not a fair barometer on what Team Trump will achieve long term.

President Donald Trump First 100 Days…


USA is a Mess! – meaning – Famous quote made by President Trump on taking office! Well guess what nothing much has changed the political swamp is still a stagnant impotent dysfunctional disgrace to the USA and a classic example for the world to watch and learn on how not to run a country.

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