Payleven Chip and PIN Review

Time for businesses and individuals to look towards Payleven who offer a chip and PIN machine which works with your smartphone or tablet.

Payeleven attributes…

• Chip and PIN reader £82.50 + VAT (discounts if buying 10+ units)
• Free app
• Android and iOS compatible
• Available: UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Brazil
• Bluetooth technology
• Charges: 2.75% per transaction

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Payleven Chip and PIN Review…


Payleven Chip and PIN Review – meaning – “In partnership with Micros, Payleven offer a complete cloud based POS called kachng!. The system is accessible through your tablet, smartphone or PC via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. The POS is compatible with chip and PIN and is available from £49/ month. The solution is for small to medium sized businesses and you can run 4 chip and PIN machines from the account. kachng! is available in the UK and full European release is planned soon”. – Attribution to ChipandPin-Machines.Com

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