Paul Ayling Murdered in Hua Hin Thailand

Paul Ayling - Hua Hin Thailand
Hua Hin
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

News just a UK man who was viciously attacked in Hua Hin Thailand last year has died in hospital in England as a result of head injuries received when jumped on by two Thai men

Thai Police have now confirmed the attack enquiry has been moved into a murder enquiry

The background to the murder is as follows –

Seemingly Paul Ayling was in a payment dispute with some Thai men about some repair and paint work done on a property owned by Ayling. Seemingly the work was not up to standard and Paul Ayling refused to make payment to the Thais. Then the story gets very murky full of unconfirmed reports – including some threatening emails sent to the UK home owner. The gist of the emails are alleged to have been worded as – quote – ‘If you refuse to pay us we have other means to make you pay but let us do the best and soft way first. Please also pay the carpenters as they don’t know how to play soft’. – Attribution to Andrew-Drummond.Com

More – quote – The matter has been reported to the Coroner’s Office in Chelmsford, Essex, and an inquest is expected to be held in Britain.

Paul Ayling finally passed away at the Ramsay Neurological Services care home in Sawbridgeworth, Herts, where he was diagnosed PSV – Persistent Vegatative State.

Now here is what we have unearthed –

• The Thai Police know the names of the two Thai men who murdered Paul Ayling but to date no sign of an arrest has been seen

• Knowing Thailand Police as well as we do, it seems a safe bet to assume the Thai Police have been paid off not to make any arrests…

• My name is Anita Ayling, I have lived in Hua Hin 6 years now. On monday the 21st november,my son Paul Ayling was returning on his motor bike with his wife Justine from taking his son to school. He was near his house in Bo Fia when 2 guys jumped out of the bushes & attacked Paul with lumps of wood. One guy took aim at Pauls head as he drove past. A Thai man went to get help & 2 guys in truck drove up whom had rang police & ambulance . He was taken to Hua Hin hospital where he was taken for operation straight away. We then had him transferd to Bangkok hospital in Bangkok on the tuesday where he had to have another operation the other side of his head as bleeding on the brain that side.He was them put in a coma. British Embassy have been informed & have visited Paul last friday.
The police are still investigating and as yet not had any news on whom has done this even though we have managed to get 3 names.We have given the names to the police.
We have just recieved a copy of the AWOL paper with a story ,that not true of the sittuation. We would be gratefull to any information.
Anita . – Attribution to HuaHinForum.Com

• I was at the scene and so I can tell you it occurred approximately 300 metres east of the entrance to Natural Lake Hill development.Natural Lake Hill is immediately adjacent to Kor Sor resort entrance. – Attribution to HuaHinForum.Com

• I would very much appreciate it if you could stop speculating etc on what has happened and why – this is a matter for the police now to deal with. I am the eyewitness as I am Paul’s wife. I find it extremely distressing as does his son of 12 years old and his family to continue reading all of these messages. If you want to ask us anything in particular I would be happy to discuss however I dont think airing your comments on a forum is the best approach in this current situation. If anyone has information which they feel will help with this investigation and I mean information as to the people who did this then I welcome the feedback otherwise please stop speculating and discussing a very difficult time in our lives as we have enough to be worrying about and dealing with

Thank you
Justine Ayling – Attribution to HuaHinForum.Com

• Paul Michael Ayling ,Paul was attacked in Hua Hin 21st November 2011.
He never recovered from his injuries and died saturday 18th november 2012. – Attribution to HuaHinForum.Com

Time well overdue for corrective action and apprehension of the attackers!

To the Thai Police you are now under a globally expanding Police Watch do the right thing for the late Paul Ayling and all his immediate family and friends – Please arrest the attackers and in doing so you will at least be helping in the painful closure process for the bereaved Ayling Family!

After all the reality is that this is murder and believe us! It does matter and has no right to ever be brushed under the carpet as insignificant and of little importance – Thai Police arrest the murderers of Paul Ayling – Right Now – Without further excuses and/or delays!

Paul Ayling Murdered in Hua Hin Thailand…

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