Pattaya Ruby Bar Death Reports Are Speculative

Pattaya Ruby Bar Death Reports Are Speculative…

Pattaya - Image Copyright BangkokAttractions.Com

Pattaya – Image Copyright BangkokAttractions.Com

Sorry to say most of the reports about the death of an Aussie tourist in Ruby Bar, Pattaya are pure speculation. OK one American man is in custody and charges are pending and/or under review.

What has muddied the waters in this case is the volume of posts on the busy Thailand forums. One example seems to be a UK Daily who have cobbled a storyline that seems to be a cut n paste of a selection of Thailand forum comments. OK, that is an accepted reporting ploy but what may be off the mark is the authenticity of the content…

This seems to be a classic case of leaving the Thailand Police to wrap up the case in a way that best suits them. After all it is a case about one foreigner in a fight with another tourist. An unfortunate incident where one man died of injuries suffered in a bar room beating.

Least said the better about Pattaya and its’ bars which are ten a penny and all serving two purposes only providing alcohol and sex. Plus if lucky some fast food or similar. Pattaya for the uninformed is a beautiful Thai tourist resort that is a fantastic place, but unfortunately the magnet that attracts the creme de la creme of wasters – losers – trolls – haters – perverts – dossers – steroid freaks – alcoholics – misfits – bottom feeders of international society. This is not the fault of the Thailand authorities it quite simply is what it is a linear human trash can of dysfunctional life.

How will the death of the Aussie tourist who got beat to death in Ruby Bar play out?

That depends on one thing only the BIB Boys In Brown namely the Thailand Police they have to a have a safe and secure exit strategy. They have to save face at all costs. That could be gained in many ways the accused American killer could pay his way to an unprovoked not guilty innocence acquittal. All will depend on the amount of money exchanged to secure that exit strategy.

Alternatively if the dependents of the deceased Aussie kick up an almighty firestorm of negative publicity, then the BIB may opt for an easy way out and a get a manslaughter guilty prosecution in which case the American killer would get sent to the Big House for something between 3 to 15 years in prison.

Meanwhile in Pattaya the sun will shine, sex will be on the menu and the BIB will be looking on making sure Pattaya does what it does best as in continues to flourish in 365/24/7 chaos!

Pattaya Ruby Bar Death Reports Are Speculative…

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